Trey Gowdy Attacks ‘Deeply Partisan’ Adam Schiff, Reports He’s ‘Leaking Like a Sieve’

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Former Congressman Trey Gowdy believes people have stopped sharing information with the House Intelligence Committee because Chairman Adam Schiff is leaking information “like a sieve.”

Gowdy, the former South Carolina Republican Representative, also labeled Schiff as a “deeply partisan” member who is wrong on a perpetual basis.

“When you put someone who is wrong as often as Adam Schiff is wrong and is as deeply partisan as he is, in charge of the intelligence committee, then no, you’re not going to share confidential information because Adam leaks like a sieve,” Gowdy asserted.

Gowdy opined about the recent whistleblower complaint which purportedly involves a troubling and unspecified “promise” made by President Trump to a foreign leader.

The Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire said he would not share details of the complaint with lawmakers, prompting Schiff to gripe about a lack of access to the information.

“That’s the consequence of putting someone that partisan as the head of the intel committee,” quipped Gowdy.

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The former lawmaker proceeded to remind everyone of one key fact – watching a President who promises something to a foreign leader is troubling, but it’s already been done and nobody cared. Why? Because it was Barack Obama.

“What does frustrate people is I seem to recall a president who said I’ll have more flexibility in a second term,” Gowdy said. “That’s on tape. I don’t think there was a similar level of outrage when President Obama promised that to the Russian president.”

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No doubt Schiff and the Democrats will argue that Trump’s actions – yet to be proven – amount to an impeachable offense. But, as per usual, everything the President has done was done by his predecessor, time and time again.

Previously, Gowdy has shredded Schiff for looking the other way when it came to Obama-era spying on the Trump campaign, dismissing him as “an overtly ambitious partisan wannabe senator.”

He joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson in a laugh at the California Democrat being “an irresponsible buffoon,” a charge that has yet to be disproven.

Schiff raised eyebrows when, as a virulent cog in the Russia collusion hoax, was actually caught on tape trying to acquire compromising material on the President from a foreign government.

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