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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Marialice says:

    Why wouldn’t Susan Rice be guilty..she lied about Ben Ghazi. Maybe she wants to be the Mata Hari of the Democratic Party!

  2. Esau's says:

    Comey is so full of $#!+ he should explode in a technicolor dream of feces.

    1. Esau's says:

      He out and out lied. Susan Rice requested the unmasking. So who satisfied her request. Obviously, the NSA or the FBI, the only two collectors we know of. It’s one or the other of the two men sitting at that table. And it occurred because the unmasking was not being taken seriously by the former White House officials, despite the culture, the training, the obsessions, etc.

      1. Esau's says:

        It ain’t hypothetical any more, Jim. So stop playing coy about hypotheticals, confirmation of unmaskings, investigations, classified information or not, etc. Time for you to get your fat @$$ back up to the hill for a closed session. Or would you prefer to take the Fifth? Rodgers too.

  3. LastTaxPayer says:

    Prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. Find the direct links to Obozo and Killery, then try them as well!!
    Drain the SWAMP!!!

  4. The media has been perpetuating a lie for how long??

  5. Paul says:

    My money is on Rice.

  6. Gary says:

    Well then, Susan Rice should be serving some serious prison time!

  7. Mike says:

    ” in an attempt “to protect the reputation of former President Barack Obama.”

    I have a feeling that Obama’s reputation is getting ready to be revealed to the Dumbocrats that voted for him and supported him for the past 8 years. They are not going to like what they see, as they will all be made to look like the fools they are. Michelle/Michael is said to have left California very pissed off – jumped into a limo went to the airport and boarded Richard Branson’s private jet and headed for Branson’s private Island retreat in the Caribbean – If her fury is strong enough to start talking Obama better keep heading west – se.eking asylum

  8. Ish says:

    Susan Rice? The official that appeared on all those News programs to announce the Benghazi attack was all about the video? Is anyone surprised that the “hack” would do something like this. She would have been really high on my list of suspects. Now I wonder if she is going to face any consequences for this politically motivated violation? Will the NY Times create an excuse list for her? This is predictable swamp action. Time for some really serious prosecution efforts.

  9. Joanne says:

    IMHO that question is like asking if the Pope is Catholic.Did anyone who has a shred of common sense think this was not linked to Obama and his many minions?Now my question is”Will anything
    come out of this revelation or it like Hillary’s emails go into a dust bin?.Maybe Trey Gowdy will stick with to the end.Still nothing has happened to HRC about Benghazi .Amazing those men are still dead and she stll walks free.

  10. carolanno says:

    OMG. Talk about abuse of power!!! The smug, self-serving, misquided liberal Dems. don’t give a damn about America. They just want to advance their awful agenda no matter how it harms the citizens. We are on the brink of anarchy.

  11. Kevin says:

    Re the major (news) outlets;
    Of course they sat on the information, if those ‘news outlets’ publicly named s.rice as the individual responsible for the unmasking of the names in that domestic surveillance they would have to label themselves as ‘racists’…

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