Report: RNC Members Defying Republican Voters, Refuse to Back Trump

The New York Times contacted all 168 members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and found just four were willing to endorse Donald Trump as the party’s nominee in 2024.

The newspaper indicates 109 members failed to respond, 35 wanted to see a large primary field battle it out or declined to take a position, 20 definitively stated Trump should not be the nominee, and just four offered an “unabashed endorsement.”

Granted, there are likely more than a handful of those refusing to speak to the New York Times who would support Trump and just don’t care to opine about the race to hostile leftist journalists.

But just four people?

The Times also reports that “many” RNC members believe Trump has “taken on the image of a loser.”

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RNC Members Backing Away From Trump

The New York Times report has to be digested with a massive grain of salt. Over 100 people, well over half the total membership, didn’t respond. A few dozen want to see how the field shapes up – a calculated and politically expedient tactic.

In short, there will be far more than just four RNC members who back Trump once the field gets whittled down and certainly should he win the nomination.

And it’s not like we haven’t seen this kind of reporting from the Times in the past.

In July 2016, the New York Times announced Trump had won the nomination at the Republican National Convention but “with discord clear” and his campaign in “disarray.”

In late August 2016, the newspaper ran a screaming headline that stated: “More Than 160 Republican Leaders Don’t Support Donald Trump.”

By September of that year, they reported that “tensions deepen” between him and the RNC.

Does anybody recall what happened in November of 2016?

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Trump Polling Well Right Now

Now, with that said, any RNC members looking to jump ship would seemingly be abandoning the wishes of their own voters.

Trump is the overwhelming choice amongst Republican voters for the nomination, far outpacing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – a solid candidate in his own right – by roughly 20 points in multiple polls.

Polling also seems to indicate that, despite the onslaught of negative media coverage portraying him as a traitor and threat to the nation – a description more applicable to the media itself – Trump’s favorability rating is actually improving.

Trump, in fact, is now viewed more favorably than President Biden, Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, according to a Harvard Caps Harris survey conducted between January 18th and 19th.

What’s more, even as some RNC members push for somebody else – anybody else – because the prevailing view is that Trump is simply too unlikeable to defeat Biden in 2024, those polls have him defeating the President by a wider margin than any other GOP candidate.

It isn’t Trump who has the “image of a loser.”

It’s the 20 RNC members who divulged to the greasy New York Times that they opposed Trump as the nominee outright.

The RNC has the image of a loser.

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • The RNC doesn't pick Presidents. They should support all Candidates and allow the People to pick the winners. I'm afraid the RNC has separated from the grassroots Republicans and they have become a danger to the Party. I was afraid this was going to happen when Ronna (sp?) was reelected. She's been losing, but the RNC keeps supporting her. Just like McConnell destroying our chances of taking the Senate by moving his PAC money around and opposing the choice of the State Republican Party. It appears that we have a problem with our "Representatives" in the RNC. I certainly appreciate their help and guidance, but I despise a group of unelected people that think they are going to make our decisions for us.

  • Is anyone supprised? At any of it, I mean. The media sewing discontent, the handful of RNC peope willing to even talk to the media and the majority of those being against Trump? That's pretty much what we expect.

  • What else did you expect from a bunch of RINOs? Do you not understand that the majority of the Republican Party is just and extension of the Democrat Party? The Republican Party in reality NO LONGER EXIST.

  • I do not believe in polls or the NYT statement. Most political people will not tell you who they will vote for, only because it might their political career. Only a few with a strong belief in themselves will say, knowing it will not hurt them. We all know the reputation of the NYTs anymore. I don't believe a word you said. I am still praying for a Trump/ DeSantis ticket for 2024. Then DeSantis can carry on for another 8 yrs after Trump. As I see it now, Trump is the only one that can restore America and the rest of the World through negations. De Santis has to learn the art of making the deal without coming across as pushy. Being President is different from being Governor, where you can push things through. I hope they can work together. .

  • Easy fix. Let's put the corrupt RNC out of business. Do not give them one cent. Any conservative that is truly conservative, would not ever give them another penny. Give ONLY to the individual that you support. Think what the RNC did to Blake Masters under the , ahem, cough cough, leadership of the great Ronna McDolittle. She gladly took our money, then refused to back the candidates we wanted. Remember this people. Even if we somehow manage to overcome the cheating for new leader of GOP, never give them a cent.

  • Trump is the best President ever. The 20 RNC members who said they oppose Trump are nothing more than RINO's who need to be voted out so they can join the Democrats. TRUMP 2024

  • put your petty views aside , PUT THE COUNTRY FIRST only Donadl Trump can put the country back together again , , the democrats kicking and screaming all the way

  • Another good reason not to donate to the RNC and switch to independent.
    . I will never ever vote for a Democrat,but I may just not vote.

  • What we need is for the people to vote and announce the winner. Voting without prejudice would be something new to try!

  • Ronna McDaniel, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, etc. are ALL part of the Uni-Party! They are NOT Republicans. They received millions from that Crypto Crook, along with their Criminal Democrat mates, to ensure that President Trump, was CHEATED out of the Election. Also to scuttle Republicans [Real Republicans] chances in the Mid Terms. Which they succeeded at.

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