Report: Newly Appointed Special Counsel David Weiss Almost Didn’t Charge Hunter Biden At All – Until Whistleblowers Came Forward

David Weiss, recently named by Attorney General Merrick Garland as special counsel in the Hunter Biden probe, didn't plan to charge the President's son at all, until whistleblowers came forward and threw a wrench into the plans.
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Delaware US Attorney David Weiss, recently named by Attorney General Merrick Garland as special counsel in the Hunter Biden probe, didn’t plan to charge the President’s son at all, until whistleblowers came forward and threw a wrench into the plans.

The shocking news – which adds to suspicion over Weiss’s appointment as being little more than a means to run interference against GOP lawmakers’ own investigation – was discovered by the New York Times using private correspondence they obtained between Weiss and Biden’s legal team.

A deal was proposed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf, the outlet writes, that was known as a deferred prosecution agreement.

Such a deal would have allowed the younger Biden to avoid entering a plea of guilty, or any plea at all, so long as he promised to take certain steps and follow conditions.

Wolf allowed Hunter’s lawyer, Christopher Clark, to draft language for the agreement that “made no mention of a guilty plea” but “included a promise that Mr. Biden would never again possess a gun and a pledge that he would pay his taxes.”

Hunter could have been charged with tax crimes and a false statement related to a gun purchase, which would have been a felony.

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Special Counsel Weiss Almost Let Him Off The Hook Completely

Critics have been quick to note that the special counsel, David Weiss (no relation), was the same prosecutor who presented the sweetheart arrangement to Hunter as in line to receive previously, and who bent over backward to lessen his punishment.

What was ultimately agreed upon in June was a deal in which Hunter would plead guilty to a pair of misdemeanor tax charges, but would have a charge related to possessing a firearm while being an illegal drug user dropped so long as he completed a two-year period of probation.

And we all thought that was insane. Here you have evidence that Hunter wasn’t going to have to plead to anything at all.

The New York Post reports that Weiss originally “was willing to conclude the investigation without even as much as a plea deal” until IRS whistleblowers came forward and “accused the Justice Department of interfering.”

“After the whistleblowers spoke out, Weiss suddenly demanded Mr. Biden plead guilty to committing tax offenses,” they write.

In a statement issued by lawyers representing the whistleblowers, they contend that “if it weren’t for (their) courageous actions,” Hunter “would never have been charged at all.”

How is anyone supposed to trust a special counsel who did everything he could to reduce charges for the person he is investigating, and only attempts to deliver justice when the truth comes out through whistleblowers who no doubt feared for their safety?

The answer is – You’re not.

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Hunter’s Lawyer Wanted Immunity For Any Crime Ever

Wolf, according to the New York Times, did discard a “sweeping” request from Hunter’s lawyer “for immunity not only for all potential crimes investigated” but also for “any other federal crimes relating to matters investigated by the United States” he might have ever committed.

Further correspondence obtained by Politico may explain why the lawyer was so emboldened, and why Weiss and his team were willing to arrange a sweetheart deal for the President’s son.

Clark, you see, threatened to put the President himself on the stand.

“He issued a warning,” they wrote. “If the Justice Department charged the president’s son, his lawyers would put the president on the witness stand.”

Wolf, meanwhile, was accused by the whistleblowers of having tried desperately to keep President Joe Biden out of his son’s legal issues.

She allegedly “interjected and said she did not want to ask about the big guy and stated she did not want to ask questions about ‘dad’” according to testimony.

Hunter’s plea deal eventually fell through in dramatic fashion, culminating with the news that Garland had appointed a special counsel to investigate his actions.

The House Oversight Committee accused Garland of attempting to put an end to their investigation into the Biden family.

“The Biden Justice Department is trying to stonewall congressional oversight as we have presented evidence to the American people about the Biden family’s corruption,” a statement by the committee reads.

“Our Committee will continue to follow the Biden family’s money trail and interview witnesses to determine whether foreign actors targeted the Bidens, President Biden is compromised and corrupt, and our national security is threatened,” it continues.

Only time will tell if Hunter is ever truly held accountable for his alleged crimes.

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