Another one bites the dust.

Republican Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, has announced he’s retiring from Congress. The news comes via press release from his office:

Here is some of what Frelinghuysen said in his just-released statement: “Today as I announce my retirement at the end of this session of Congress, I want to use the opportunity to strongly encourage the many young people I meet to consider public service. I thank my friends and colleagues with whom I have served.  My years in public service have allowed me to represent my home county of Morris for over 40 years, and also Essex, Passaic, Sussex Counties, and earlier on, Somerset!”

This resignation is the latest in a long series of Republican retirement announcements from Congress. Previous to Frelinghuysen’s announcement, Darrell Issa, who gained notoriety by discovering the infamous “fast and furious” gun scandal under the Obama Administration, said he was stepping down from his current position. That makes over 30 House Republicans not seeking office next year.

The New Jersey congressman was expected to face a big Democrat challenger this year, and is choosing to retire from Congress rather than fight it out.

This isn’t good news for Republicans, who were already looking vulnerable in the upcoming 2018 elections. Democrats are fresh off two major upset victories – the Virginia governor’s race and the Alabama Senate race – and are looking to capitalize on their gains by engineering a blue wave this November.

With so many high-profile Republicans leaving their seats open, it’s looking more and more like Paul Ryan may lose his speakership should Democrats take the House.

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