Another Republican bites the dust.

We’re learning this morning that California Representative Darrell Issa won’t be running for re-election in the 49th district of California. The Hill broke the story:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) will not seek reelection this year, he announced on Wednesday, increasing Democrats’ chances of flipping his swing district in their favor.
Issa barely won reelection in 2016 by just over half a percentage point in a San Diego-area district that went for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by about 7 points.
The original story was released by OC Daily, but the link has since been broken:

Politico has also run the report, suggesting that the news is, indeed, true.

This announcement isn’t surprising. Rep. Issa represents a district within an extremely liberal state. His district has been trending blue for a while now, and during the last election, Issa barely pulled off a victory. He won by just over 1,600 votes.

Rep. Issa earned a reputation for taking on the Obama Administration after its ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle where the federal government ran guns to Mexico.

In the era of Trump, Democrats are fired up more than ever, and Republicans representing moderate districts are under fire like never before. Just yesterday, CNN ran a report stating that at least 29 Republican congressmen are retiring this year. If that count is correct, Issa would make number 30.

The wave of retirements will make for new blood in Congress, but it’s hard to say it will help President Trump. Having experienced lawmakers on your team is a good thing. And in a lot of these cases, it’s assumed that Republicans bowing out of their races will lose their district to a Democrat.

One thing is for certain: President Trump is changing the face of the Republican Party.

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