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Rep Rashida Tlaib Calls For $20 An Hour Minimum Wage

Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib called for a federal minimum wage of up to $20 an hour at a “One Fair Wage” event in Detroit on Sunday.

“Big fights like this one, $15. When we started it, it should have been $15. Now I think it should be $20 … It should be $20 an hour. $18-20 an hour,” Tlaib said in a video posted by America Rising on Monday.

Tlaib and Michigan Democrat Debbie Dingell participated in an event called “Server for an Hour” to support the Raise the Wage Act that passed the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives Thursday.

Tlaib brought up the common counter-argument that raising the minimum wage will not actually feel like more money in the wallets of workers.

“They say all this is going to raise the cost. But I can tell you, milk has gone up. Eggs has gone up. Everything has gone up. The cost of food has gone up. The cost of a lot of things that we need has gone up already,” she said.

Politicians on the far left have called for a significant increase in the federal minimum wage for years. For example, presidential candidate and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders supports a $15 an hour minimum wage yet has reportedly been locked in disputes with staff who say their annual salary does not measure up with his commitment.

Evie Fordham on July 22, 2019

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  • Stuff it. You are a religious BIGOT!! I suggest you remember that GOD created every human being ON EARTH and that he LOVES every human being ON EARTH, regardless of their belief system.

    They -- and all of us -- WILL be JUDGED on the final days IN HEAVEN.

    And, YOU have absolutely NO RIGHT to JUDGE ANYONE!!!

  • Italy ...The Gross Domestic Product per capita in Italy was last recorded at 35391.70 US dollars in 2018. Please move there and improve your standard of living. United States 2018 62,641.0 ... Please hurry! No need to do the rest of your loser list. one is enough.

  • This woman doesn't know anything about economics or wage pricing for unskilled labour. She is quit out of her play pen and in someone else sand pit. If her mob feels so strong about these things why didn't they bring them in when they were in power?

  • The Presstitutes are lazy as hell ! Why go looking for a story when there is this clown showing her a zz right here ?
    So everybody writes the same thing ; Is that MY fault ?
    Besides, she is Sure to bash PRESIDENT TRUMP, so we don't have to find a way to do that either. Win - win !

  • WOW! You can read these people like a book! The continually recite their own underhanded tactics when describing those they hate. Funny part of it is their opponents almost never use these tactics. They are giving a perfect description of themselves and THEIR behavior.

  • Typical democrat, promise everything and anything for free, just to get there votes. She has no way of explaining it, but the people there don't want her to explain it, they just want the free raise.
    Remember Obama and the "free phones"

  • Poor people are not poor because rich people are rich.

    Poor people are poor because they are either (1) Unemployed, (2) Underemployed, (3) Uneducated, and/or (4) Lack the skills/experience to succeed.

    Democrats and the liberal media never focuse on policies that lead to jobs in this country. Their focus is on creating class warfare.

  • If you're not the one paying the salary, of course it's better to say raise the minimum wage to get the votes of those that would benefit from the raise. In fact it stands to reason that the more you raise the minimum wage the more popular it will make you. So why not demand $50 an hour, or even a $100 an hour?

  • Prosperity cannot be legislated.........except for government, of course. If you believe differently, you only need to look at wages and prices throughout the history of our country. They run in TANDEM.

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