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Rep. Mark Meadows Interrupts MSNBC Fake News About GOP Defending Trump

Maybe this needs to happen more.

On Wednesday, Rep. Mark Meadows overheard NBC News reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell say that Republicans were “struggling” to defend President Trump during her broadcast on the impeachment inquiry.

Meadows walked by Caldwell giving her report, and when he heard her go negative about Republicans, he abruptly said, “The Republicans are not struggling on anything.”

Caldwell, being caught pushing fake news, took the opportunity to ask a few follow-up questions. She asked Meadows how could he and his Republican colleagues continue to defend Trump, when “only one” witness so far in the impeachment inquiry has said there was no quid pro quo in the President’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

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Remember, she claimed Republicans were struggling to defend Trump, and now she’s asking Meadows how could they defend POTUS.

Meadows corrected her fake narrative by claiming there was more than one witness to reject the quid pro quo narrative.

Just keep putting up false narratives, and we will patiently go through all the steps to come to the same conclusion that we already know. There is nothing President Trump did wrong, but in this environment today, we have to prove innocence after the initial claim is guilty. Backward to what our legal system decrees, but whatever, if you are a liberal.


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Rules and precedents mean nothing if you are against Trump. Your feelings are what we are to base facts on today. This is so freaking tiring, and it keeps all the elected officials occupied from doing real legislating and then boom an election will be upon us again, so re-elect them, and then we can do the same dang thing for four more years.

What we are witnessing is the ultimate “tell a lie long enough and loud enough, and it becomes fact.” The Democrats, along with the media, are determined to promote this lie at all costs. The media get all huffy when the president calls them “fake news,” but Caldwell helps to demonstrate they deserve that description.

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The saying that Democrats never let facts get in the way of their narrative never gets old or rings truer. Democrats are ridiculous.

These Democrats don’t act like confident people eyeballing victory. They act more like desperate people who have nothing left than to state lies and desperately hope they catch on and are accepted as fact.

When they don’t, state more lies pretending they are a fact.

They’ve been shouting “We’ve got him now!” for three years, and every time the smoking gun they claim to have found turns out to be a leaky water pistol. Evacuate your bowels or vacate the porcelain facility, Dems.

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