Refreshing: Biden Energy Secretary Calls On Oil Producers To Increase Output, Says Crisis Has Us ‘On A War Footing’

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm dodged a reporter asking questions about the gas crisis following a speech in which she called on oil producers to increase output, insisting the country is “on a war footing.”

The comments mark a much stronger response from Granholm and the Biden administration regarding surging gas prices.

“We are on war footing,” Granholm said in a speech to executives at the CERAWeek energy conference in Houston, according to Bloomberg News.

“That means [crude oil] releases from the strategic reserves all around the world. And that means you producing more right now if and when you can,” she continued.

“I hope your investors are saying this to you as well. In this moment of crisis, we need more supply.”

That’s quite a different message from the one given recently by President Biden, who said gas prices are going to go up and we “can’t do much right now.”

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Energy Secretary Dodges Reporter Questions

Following her speech, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm reportedly ‘dodged’ questions from a Fox News reporter.

After being seemingly surprised by Fox News Senior Political Editor Andrew Murray’s presence, Granholm was protected by aides and avoided further questions on the gas crisis.

“Is there any talk about bringing Iran back to the table because of gas prices?” Murray asked, but those around her blocked access, with one aide even holding up a folder to block a camera.

Fox reports that Granholm “refused to answer questions” though her press secretary, Charisma Troiano, asked that any questions be directed at her.

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Granholm’s remarks are a refreshing pivot calling on increased domestic oil production as a means to blunt the staggering gas prices Americans are seeing at the pump.

A pivot from even just yesterday when President Biden shrugged off any role he could play in fixing the crisis.

“It’s going to go up,” Biden said. “Can’t do much right now.”

It even marks a pivot for Granholm.

Granholm outright laughed just a few short months ago at the notion she would do anything about gas prices as they were already climbing – before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Granholm in November said the Energy Department was predicting “we are going to turn the corner in early 2022 in terms of pricing at the pump.”

That prediction did not come true.

Earlier this week, the Energy Secretary spoke about administration plans to purchase oil from Iran as part of a renewed nuclear agreement to help quell the gas crisis in America.

“If there is a byproduct of increased supply, so be it,” she said. “But the deal is all about making sure the world is safer because Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon.”

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