Reba McEntire Urges America to Go Back to God

Country Star Reba McEntire isn’t interested in political correctness and how it hurts our country.

She doesn’t say “liberals” by name, but her emphasis on the importance of God is one the left cannot ignore.

Most of you know and believe the liberal agenda is wrong for our country, and watching it take shape for the last 20 or so years has been frustrating and heartbreaking.

Republican leaders sat back and allowed liberalism to grow into something we haven’t seen before. Young people no longer have respect for parents, law enforcement, military, or our leaders. Most importantly, they no longer respect God, and the incredible grace He has shown our country.

Reba touches all of that in her video below and I plan on sharing it everywhere. It’s a great video and should be a dedicated song played on every radio station until this country returns back to its former glory.

Listen below:

We need to hear more songs about God like this on a regular basis. This country was founded on Christian values and the liberal agenda has fought hard to remove that from the mainstream culture.

What do you think about Reba’s message? Will it resonate to Americans? Will this pick up the spirits of many who might be depressed? Share this article on your Facebook/Twitter timeline and add your comments below.

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