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Politico Reporter Rachael Bade Says Democrats Aren’t Excited About Hillary’s Book

Talk about a major slam.

Politico reporter Rachael Bade visited CNN and did something I’ve never seen before. A liberal-leaning reporter actually went on a liberal TV network and slammed Hillary Clinton over the book she’s trying to sell.

Clinton begins her book tour this week. She’s visiting many of her fans in the media, and blaming everyone but herself for her disastrous 2016 presidential race loss. Most surprisingly, she blamed the New York Times, a liberal rag that gave her so much cover during the election, you would have thought the paper was a throw blanket.

Bade actually called out Clinton for taking swipes at everyone, including fellow Democrats. She said that Democrats should be coming together to win in 2018 and 2020, not slamming each other over petty disagreements.

Bade was on “Inside Politics” with John King when she said, “From the Hill, it seems like, you know, [Clinton] might be the only Democrat who’s excited in Washington about this book right now.”

Ha! That makes sense. As Bade explains, Hillary isn’t just blaming the press for her loss, she’s also attacking other Democrats, including Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton participates in a book signing in New York City for "What Happened," which was released today.

Posted by Fox News on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Only in America can you break the law, write a book about it, and get away without punishment. Clinton will never admit that she’s to blame for her loss because she’s not used to being held accountable.

Here’s my question: Why is Hillary trying to peddle this book now and not helping people in Texas or Florida? Actually, I withdraw that question. It’s probably better Hillary is not in those places. We all know that she likes to tap into relief funds to fill her coffers.

Even though Bade is a liberal, she couldn’t run from the truth on this one, could she? SHARE this article on your Facebook page and ask your friends to comment on liberals attacking liberals.