Hillary Clinton Now Blames the New York Times For Election Loss

hillary clinton new york times

Next up on the Hillary Clinton finger-pointing tour – none other than the New York Times!

At no point during the last 20 years has the Times been confused with a newspaper friendly to Republican politicians, and hostile to those on the other side.

Yet, Hillary still believes she was unfairly covered within their pages.

In her book titled “What Happened,” a post-election analysis that only Hillary could possibly view as reality, she somehow manages to blame the paper of record for her failings.

Clinton called the Times reporting on her emails “schizophrenic,” adding that they “played an outsize role in shaping coverage of my emails throughout the election.”

Well, that and the fact that she mishandled classified material that most people consider, as Joe Biden might say, ‘a big effing deal.’

Some people actually go to jail for that sort of thing … provided those investigating them don’t draw a conclusion of innocence before investigating the matter. We’re looking at you, James Comey.

A Times report in March of 2015 first brought Clinton’s private email server to the public’s attention, and prompted an FBI investigation.

“It was a dumb mistake. But an even dumber ‘scandal,'” Clinton argued. “It was like quicksand: the more you struggle, the deeper you sink. At times, I thought I must be going crazy.”

She went on to chastise the Gray Lady’s follow up coverage of Comey’s letter in late October that reopened the case.

The letter, Clinton said, offered “zero evidence of wrongdoing and very few facts of any kind.”

Yet every media outlet in the country covered the story, not just the New York Times.

The former Democrat candidate didn’t exclusively reserve her venom for the Times, though it seems odd that a friendly news outlet would be tossed resoundingly under the bus.

She also attacked the media in general:

Congratulations, pro-Clinton media, you’ve joined an ever-growing list of people on the receiving end of her wrath.

Kind of makes your hard work feel all for naught, doesn’t it? All those miles spent literally running after the Scooby Van. And for what?

It’s fascinating to watch Clinton continue to shrug off the email scandal as being “dumb.”

Especially considering some of her staunchest supporters called her use of a private email server “f***ing insane,” and suggested whoever told her it was okay should be “drawn and quartered.”

Insane, but still nothing more than a fabricated “scandal jamboree” according to Clinton.

They kept “beating me up about emails,” she complained.

That’s better than what the proper punishment should have been – jail.

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