Race-Baiting Cop-Hater Al Sharpton Got This Major Insult From NYPD Family

Al Sharpton

After initially claiming that he had been asked to speak at the funeral services for slain NYPD police officer Randolph Holder, Al Sharpton was sent packing by the family, who denied ever asking him to speak. Holder’s fiancée insisted he wouldn’t have been welcome because Holder “didn’t like” the race-baiter.

Via Mediaite:

Al Sharpton was initially expected to deliver a eulogy at the funeral of slain NYPD officer Randolph Holder, but today announced he would be withdrawing from the service.

Sharpton visited with Holder’s family, and they had reportedly invited him to speak, though Holder’s fiancée Mary Muhammad told The New York Post yesterday that he “didn’t like” Sharpton.

Naturally, controversy followed the news that Sharpton would be delivering the eulogy, and after some negative public reaction, Sharpton sent a letter to Holder’s father backing out of the service.

Not only that, it appears Sharpton was lying about being asked to speak in the first place.  Law enforcement officers told the Post that “Holder’s dad, Randolph Sr., called the NYPD on Monday morning — after news of Sharpton’s supposed invite broke — to tell them he invited the preacher only to attend the funeral, not to address mourners.”

Leave it to Sharpton to use the occasion of a black police officer’s death to try and muscle his way into the eulogy for publicity purposes.  No doubt he saw this as an opportunity to claim concern for all black lives, not just career criminals.  The truth however, came out once again.

Perhaps that’s why Holder couldn’t stand the race-baiting media-whore in the first place.  Upon hearing initial reports that Sharpton would be speaking, Holder’s fiancée was stunned, saying “He didn’t like [Sharpton]. He wasn’t a fan. So I don’t know why [Sharpton] is speaking.”

Could it be because Sharpton is at least partially responsible for a Black Lives Matter movement that is more about hatred of police officers than it is about actual ‘black lives?’

Comment:  Are you glad Al Sharpton had to retreat from this police officer’s funeral services?

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