The media desperately wants to blame the Trump Administration for the struggles that persist in Puerto Rico. (RELATED: ‘The Hill’ Falsely Reports on Trump Administration Banning Use of Food Stamps in Puerto Rico).

After Hurricane Maria struck the island, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz took a bizarre approach and began publicly attacking President Trump. The media loved it, reporting on every imaginable criticism that Cruz had of Trump’s response to the hurricane. On one occasion, she wore a “nasty woman” on CNN.

Ironically, the reason Cruz was able to spend so much time on television it because it was she who was doing nothing. Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez Otero said that in several meetings with FBI about the recovery efforts Cruz has been absent. Otero’s praise of Trump, who signed a $36.5 billion aid package for the island, didn’t get much coverage, either.

Still, for months, Cruz accused the U.S. of turning its back on Puerto Rico. But the problem isn’t a lack of aid, it’s how that aid is being distributed. According to the Epoch Times, “Corruption in Puerto Rico may have been the cause of U.S. relief supplies not reaching those in need following Hurricane Maria in September 2017.” A local news record in El Vocero de Puerto Rico said that the FBI is starting an investigation into the corruption, which involves the administration of Cruz.

It all began on February 21st, when Yadira Molina, a former procurement director, filed a lawsuit stating that she faced punishment when reporting illegal activities (corruption) to her local comptroller. Molina’s suit says that was “retaliated against for reporting an allegedly rigged system and was fired for attempting to report corruption, and includes other additional claims.”

Prior reports that aid to Puerto Rico wasn’t reaching citizens due to corruption were mostly glossed over by the media as nothing more than conspiracies conjured up to justify the Trump administration’s alleged non-response in Puerto Rico. This lawsuit and an FBI investigation will finally put that “conspiracy” label to bed.

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