Public Libraries Allow Drag Queen Story Time But Not Kirk Cameron’s Book

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I remember growing up and hearing kids excitedly talk about new books they had just finished and taking weekly trips to the local public library to see what new selection was available. They’d also discuss participating in library events related to story times, puppet shows, and crafting.

I was lucky; I basically grew up in a library, as my mother has thousands and thousands of books. I’m not exaggerating, either. Every wall in our house was filled with books, so while I never needed a library card, I certainly shared the love of expanding my knowledge and imagination through the written word.

While I don’t have the same childhood memories about public libraries as others in my generation, it seems these public institutions of wonder have fallen to the same social justice gender ideology illness that the public schools and entertainment industry have fallen. Case in point, Kirk Cameron’s latest children’s book can’t get a reading, but drag queen story time is considered totally appropriate for your children.

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Real Hard Pass

Over 50 public libraries have flat-out rejected or ignored Kirk Cameron’s publisher’s request for a reading of his new children’s book ‘As You Grow.’ For many of these libraries, the publisher is attempting to participate in the same story hour program that has been available year-round for programs such as Drag Queen Story Hour.

In one particular exchange with the Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island, the publisher was told directly “No, we will pass on having you run a program in our space.

“We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align,” the library responded when asked by Cameron’s publisher for a reason.

The publisher then pushed further, asking if they could fill out a request form to reserve a spot. “You can fill out the form to reserve space, to run the program in our space – but we won’t run your program,” the library stated.

Seems a bit rude and bizarre. Are only queer authors or queer children’s stories allowed?

It seems lacking in diversity of thought if you ask me. The Indianapolis Public Library said of its rejection they “have a strategic plan in place, so we are really looking at authors who are diverse. Authors of color.”

Guess I’ll put a pin in writing my first children’s book, given that I’m a white heterosexual. Of course, we wouldn’t want to expose children to ideas or stories not enveloped in race or sex these days, would we?

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Cut That Card

Most of the libraries that were contacted regarding Cameron’s new book either hosted Drag Queen Story Hours and also had specific spaces in the library for LGBTQIA+ youth books, promoted gender fluidity, and offered ‘name change’ clinics. 

Hold up now, what’s a name change clinic? 

Suppose a teenager or adult wants to change their name to match their preferred gender. In that case, some public libraries will offer assistance with filling out the appropriate paperwork. Quite a ways we’ve come from the Dewey Decimal System.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Cameron stated “Publicly funded libraries are green-lighting ‘gender marker and name change clinics’ while denying a story time that would involve the reading of a book that teaches biblical wisdom.”

He argues this is “proof that more than ever, we are getting destroyed in the battle for the hearts and minds of our children.”

Trent Talbot, the CEO of Brave Books who published Cameron’s book, illustrates how public libraries have followed in the footsteps of public schools. “It is devastating to discover that many of our publicly funded libraries have now become indoctrination centers that refuse to allow biblical wisdom to be taught to our children,” he said.

This is far from a new fight for Kirk Cameron though.

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Wake Up People!

In addition to this new children’s book that is postured to be a series, Cameron is also heavily involved in filmmaking. Earlier this year, he released a documentary that garnered quite a bit of buzz from Big Education called ‘The Homeschool Awakening.”

The documentary follows seven homeschool families on their journey and discusses the misconceptions surrounding homeschool families. I, along with many other parents, opted to homeschool my children in light of the massive failings of our public education system and mistrust for the institutions of learning in this country in general.

“The problem is that public school systems have become so bad,” Mr. Cameron explained. “It’s sad to say they’re doing more for grooming, for sexual chaos and the progressive left than any real educating about the things that most of us want to teach our kids.” Things like math, literacy, science, history, and less like gender fluidity, white guilt, activism, and critical race theory.

The takeover of our schools and now our libraries isn’t accidental. 

Talbot also explained that the “woke left understands that morality is instilled by the age of 10, and they want their morality to win, not the morality that the bible teaches.”

Indoctrinate them young, and you’ll guarantee lifelong followers and voters.

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My Kids, Not Yours

The book ‘As You Grow’ is about family, faith, and the Bible. They are tame concepts, which oddly, are controversial these days.

“It teaches biblical wisdom and the value of producing the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control,” said Cameron about the book’s themes. 

No wonder the libraries are saying no and saying these lessons don’t align with their goals or mission. Why would we want today’s youth to learn about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control? It’s not as if we have an issue with childhood mental illness, cyberbullying, drug overdoses, and school shootings. I’m sure none of these principles would help with any of that.

“Who has been entrusted with the sacred responsibility of raising our children? Is it the parents or is it the government?” asked Cameron. 

If you leave the parenting up to the government, there should be no surprise where things head from there. On the other hand, if you take over the parenting, it’ll be challenging, exhausting, and at times maddening, but you’ll be doing your job and your children will be better for it.

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