It didn’t take long to happen. You would think the progressives would let the politically moderate corpse of Joe Biden get a little chilly before they moved in for the grave robbery.

But gone, at least publicly, is the relatively center left senator who served Delaware for over thirty years. Now in his place is an avian version of a Frankenstein monster with two left wings and no brain.

Joe SJW, Joe the PC warrior, Joe the climate change activist, and Joe the 4th wave feminist are just some of the new incarnations coming to Milwaukee in August. Though that will be the grand unveiling, the dark deal that makes it so happened before Biden realized the consequences. Now it’s too late.

When Joe made the unholy bargain that permitted Bernie Sanders to leave the Democrat primary race with his Bolshevik mane held high, he knew full well what it would portend for his candidacy. It meant a subtle yet unmistakable take over of his campaign by the progressives and their slimy allies. Now, the socialist piper has come to be paid. Biden paid him, and will continue to shell out, like this.

“I’m working with Bernie and with his people. And so, and we’ve made some changes. We’ve listened to Bernie supporters and, you know, for example, we have Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, she is on one of the panels,” Biden said. Ouch. Even for Biden that is a lame rationalization.

The task forces will meet in advance of the convention to make recommendations to the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee as well as to the Biden campaign. The panels will plot on policy in six areas: climate change, criminal justice reform, economy, education, health care, and immigration. Yup, a veritable socialist smorgasbord of ways to undermine America.

“From health care to reforming our justice system to rebuilding a more inclusive and fair economy, the work of the task forces will be essential to identifying ways to build on our progress and not simply turn the clock back to a time before Donald Trump, but transform our country,” Biden unconvincingly said in a statement, while likely holding back inner tears at his sheer surrender to the forces of the domestic Kremlin.

Sanders rubbed it in, “in the midst of the unprecedented economic and pandemic crises we face, the Democratic Party must think big, act boldly, and fight to change the direction of this country….To create an agenda that the working class of this country desperately needs, and moves us toward a more just society, we must solicit the best ideas. I commend Joe Biden for working together with my campaign to assemble a group of leading thinkers and activists who can and will unify our party in a transformational and progressive direction.”

Oh, it’s transformational alright. It would transform the United States of America into modern Venezuela in less than eight years.

Finally, you wonder if Joe is really okay with all this? Yes, he’ll do anything for a further and monumental lease on power. But is there a small voice inside that bristles against his virtual ownership by the socialists? If there is, he is ignoring it as of late. And with it, any real chance he has of the presidency.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on May 19, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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