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Professor Tweets Hurricane Harvey Is ‘Karma’ For Texas Trump Voters

While many people have responded to Hurricane Harvey like heroes, others have responded like filthy rotten bigoted pond scum. Among the latter is University of Tampa Professor Ken Storey.

On Sunday, as Harvey continued to ravage the Texas Gulf Coast, leaving thousands of people homeless and without power, Storey – presumably safe, dry, and comfortably smug on a couch somewhere – tweeted that he believed the storm was “instant Karma” for Texas for voting for Donald Trump in the presidential election.

This is absolutely disgusting:

ken storey hurricane harvey

According to the University of Tampa website, Storey teaches an introductory course to sociology and specializes in research involving “urban issues within the southeastern United States, including research in gun shows, planned communities and unique issues of tourism focused commercial districts.” No doubt he has some hot takes on those issues, too.

Eventually, Storey realized that he’s a horrible human being and deleted the tweets before issuing an apology:

He also completely scrubbed his Twitter account, deleting his profile picture and reducing his tweets from more than 72,000 to just four.

But while Storey has retracted his statement, he was unfortunately not alone in his vile sentiment:

Do these people really not realize that they’re the true bigots and racists?

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UPDATE – Storey was fired for his comments: