Pro-Life Is Pro-Woman! This Millennial’s Beliefs Are Against the Norm and Should be Celebrated

A hard-fought battle is being waged for the allegiance of young Americans on abortion, and pro-life leaders see fresh signs of hope that Roe v. Wade won’t survive the millennial generation. College freshman and conservative-thinking Hannah Cowan is boldly stepping out to declare her support for pro-life as well as the Republican Party.


Cowan is a millennial standing against the norm as a conservative, pro-life supporter. She just started a video blog in hopes of reaching more millennials and showing them they don’t have to follow the liberal agenda. She made her first public declaration with this tweet that picked up a lot of support and haters on Twitter:

Hannah just started her freshman studies at University of Wyoming and decided it’s time to stand up publicly and be a voice for her generation.

“I hope to encourage dialogue on important issues, not only in the pro-life movement, but beyond to conservative politics through my video blog.”

Watch her debut blog here:

Hannah wants to remind millennials that the pro abortion movement began as a racist eugenics movement by Margaret Sanger who conceived Planned Parenthood as a tool to kill off as many pre-born children of color as possible to keep the racial and ethnic minorities in line and under control.

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