President Trump Plays Video To Reporters Showing The Media Downplaying Coronavirus

President Trump turned the tables on the media Monday, showing a video montage of numerous times that they downplayed his concerns over the coronavirus crisis.

The President, weary of hearing the media falsely accuse him of not taking the threat of the pandemic seriously, blindsided reporters with the video.

It was a masterful move. Trump at his best, stealing the narrative from biased reporters and pointing a spotlight on their lies and half-truths.

Media Put To Shame

The video featured several instances in which mainstream media outlets and anti-Trump reporters scoffed at both the severity of the virus and the President’s actions in trying to protect the American people.

And now, they pretend as if they knew all along how bad things were going to get, sanctimoniously pointing accusatory fingers at the President for having blood on his hands.

Well, Trump wasn’t having it this time. And reporters got a heavy dose of shame at the press conference.

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Media Downplayed COVID-19

The Washington Post said the flu is “much bigger threat than coronavirus.”

The New York Times claimed that fear “spreads faster than the coronavirus itself.”

CNN declared that “racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians” were spreading faster than the pandemic.

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But it was President Trump – allegedly – who didn’t take things seriously?

“None of these people cared about you,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson complained. “They didn’t care about protecting public health, or sharing accurate information. They cared about being virtuous.”

“They put their wokeness above your life as they always do.”

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Tried to Spin

Journos at the press conference did their best to take the focus off their own failures, accusing the President of having a meltdown.

They honestly don’t stand a chance. Their lies, numerous as they are, are on record for everybody to see. Trump pointing out those lies is not a meltdown – it’s the only way to get the truth out.

While the media was doing nothing other than covering impeachment for months, President Trump was setting up a coronavirus task force, ordering more testing and ventilators, restricting travel from countries known to be battling the virus, and declaring a national emergency.

On February 11th, Ron Klain, a top adviser to Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, said the administration’s actions were “far from doing nothing.”

Senator Lindsey Graham said it best, noting that “most Democrats and the media were more worried about impeaching President [Trump]
than coronavirus.”

Glad to see they finally woke up. But the adults in the room were already handling the crisis, limiting lives lost and protecting the American people.

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