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‘President Swalwell’: Lewandowski Mocks Congressman During Impeachment Hearing

Chris White on September 17, 2019

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski mocked Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell’s failed 2020 Democratic candidacy, calling him “President Swalwell” during Tuesday’s impeachment inquiry.

Lewandowski testified before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday regarding an impeachment inquiry about President Donald Trump’s potential obstruction of justice. He was told by the White House to speak about any conversation with the president or senior presidential advisers that were not mentioned in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, according to White House counsel Pat Cipollone.

Swalwell and Lewandowski got into it after the congressman repeatedly asked Lewandowski to read what was written on July 19 regarding dictated to him by President Donald Trump.

“President Swalwell, I’m happy of what I’ve written, but you’re welcome to read it if you’d like,” Lewandowski replied at one point. Swalwell dropped out of the 2020 Democratic presidential race July 8. He struggled to gain traction on the campaign trail and saw poll numbers that peaked at 1%.

“Would you like to read it? Are you ashamed of the words that you wrote down?” Swalwell asked.

Swalwell continued to insist that Lewandowski read the comments, asking if he wouldn’t repeat the words aloud because of “a consciousness of guilt.” Lewandowski repeatedly invited the congressman to read the words himself, at one point questioning why he was being treated differently from previous people who had testified in front of Congress on the matter.

“I have nothing to be guilty of, congressman,” Lewandowski. “Congressman, tell me why you hold me to a different standard than the previous witnesses who sat here.”

Lewandowski hit back at Hillary Clinton earlier in the hearing as well, noting that he never deleted any of his emails, as she had. Clinton deleted emails after setting up a private email server in her New York home when she was secretary of state.

The congressman, who was the 2020 Democratic candidate to drop out of the race, eventually conceded and moved to a different line of questioning.

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  • Congrats to Lewandowski for standing up to these dumb dems. I bet sitting there was like being in front of children who lost their pacifiers....whaaaa

  • Ya' got to admit Swalwell looks and operates like a slimy used car salesman. That's what he looks like to me. Could anyone find him a positive addition? Read that his parents are ultra conservative.

  • swallowwell,buttplug, pilosi, giding his time, not of these demon-rats will ever se the big seat, least wise sit in it.if any does, it will be because of more massive voting fraud than hillary had paid for. yep, good bye demon-rats, it wasn't good to know you.desolve your party now, before it is too late, and you are more reviled than you all are now.

  • If you are a real American you cannot vote for any anti-American Democrat it would be like blowing out your brains 🧠 DemocRATS are Evil 😈

  • These Demon Dems put these get rich quick comments on conservative web sites in order to infect your computer with a virus if you click on to the site they reference. It is their way to try to stop any opposing views other than their own. Total corruption. The Dems know that they have a bunch of lame nut candidates and they can't win an election outside of their brainwashed districts and they try every trick in their book. So pathetic!

  • There is NO PRESIDENTIAL QUALITY RATS IN THE 2020 MIX so the choice is REALLY simple even for the DUMBEST RATS whom to vote for.....TRUMP 2020....PERIOD....

  • USA!USA!USA! Trump 2020 all the way ! Democrat so called leaders... please go away...far away; like try Venezuela...if they will take crap like you !

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