President Obama Doesn’t Want You to See This Labor Day Graphic… So Here It Is!

At last count, 93M Americans were out of work — not in the job force — but the media continues to praise President Barack Obama for reducing the unemployment numbers. Don’t you see it’s a farce?

Now if you look at the “U6” unemployment figures, that’s still in double digits because it does count people who are marginally employed or unemployed for longer time periods. But that’s not the number that gets publicized. The real U-6 Unemployment Rate is 10.7% (BLS) and 14.4% (Gallup).


The commonly used unemployment number doesn’t count ANY of those people — it only counts those who either have a job or have been unemployed LESS than four weeks. Anyone unemployed for longer than that is no longer even included in the count. Plus, anyone who works even a few hours in a week, but nowhere near even half time let alone full time, still gets counted as “employed” in the commonly used “unemployment” figures.

The black unemployment rate is sky high; you have to wonder why the blacks protest for career criminals but are silent when Obama is giving their jobs to illegals. Why is that? Presidebt Obama continues to run America into the ground, and he stills enjoy a 43% favorable rating. If you are unemployed, and you voted for him, you only have yourself to blame.


This is how I see life now — there are now 93,000,000 million reasons for a secured border and electing a capitalist for president. Check out these Americans weighing on knowing the full truth of what’s going on:





This one was funny and not politically correct so I had to share it with you!


Try to have a great day if you are unemployed and looking for work! Remember to keep your head up! Share your comments below and add this to your Twitter/Facebook timeline for discussion.

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