Pope Shows He Doesn’t Buy Obama’s Hollow Words by Doing THIS


President Obama told Pope Francis he is standing with the Catholic Church in the fight for religious freedom. But the Pope one-upped the president by going to visit the Little Sisters of the Poor shortly after hearing Obama’s hollow words.

The Pope showed support for the Little Sisters of the Poor  as they fight against the Obama Administration’s contraception mandate which requires the order provide insurance coverage for birth control and abortion-inducing drugs for the nuns.  The order took it’s challenge to Obamacare to the Supreme Court for the second time when they filed another brief this summer as the Obama administration continues to fight the nuns.

The order focuses on servicing the elderly poor until their natural death. Obamacare’s HHS mandate violates their religious beliefs.

The pope’s visit with the nuns serves as proof that he was not buying Obama’s hollow words and empty promises on religious liberties. This was evident on social media after the Vatican announced the visit.


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H/T: Catholic News Agency


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