Pope Apologizes for Slapping a Woman’s Hand

All she wanted to do was touch the holy pontiff likely for the first and only time in her life — but he immediately lost his patience

By FaithZette Staff | January 2, 2020

This is painful to watch.

But it’s likely not as painful — both physically and psychologically — for the woman who was slapped by the pope after she likely waited her whole life just to get a glimpse of him and be able to touch him for mere seconds.

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Maybe she shouldn’t have grabbed him.

Maybe she couldn’t help herself.

But surely she never expected the slap.

Call it the pontifical punishment — administered in front of thousands and caught on video.

On Tuesday night of this week, with thick crowds of people gathered, Pope Francis strolled in a designated area in St. Peter’s Square to admire the Vatican Nativity scene.

The pontiff was greeting people, smiling, shaking hands.

All was well.

But then, suddenly, it was not.

As one well wisher — so excited she couldn’t help herself — grabbed the pope’s hand, she inadvertently then pulled him toward her as he was walking.

The pope — now closer to the woman and suddenly visibly and highly irritated — then slapped her hand with his other hand and seemed to say something in angry admonishment to her.

She can be seen in the video looking stunned and upset — and then, as he walked away, rubbing her hand where he slapped it.

Now, the pontiff has apologized.

This is not the first time the pope has lost patience with the faithful, by the way.

See the tweets below — and share your thoughts on a few issues.

Should she have yanked him toward her?

Should he have slapped her?

Should he have apologized afterward?




This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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