Pompeo: ‘American Leadership Has Walked Off The Stage’ Under Biden

Pompeo: 'American Leadership Has Walked Off The Stage' But Can Be Rebuilt

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared Sunday morning on the Fox News Channel with host Maria Bartiromo to talk about the ongoing debacle in Afghanistan. He went so far as to say that “American leadership has already walked off the stage” thanks to Biden’s actions in his first eight months in office. 

Pompeo explained that it appears as though the Biden administration has gone back to the days of Obama-era “leading from behind” foreign policy. This backslide into another era of failed U.S. foreign policy allows American foes such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un front row seats as, “America destroys its alliances.”

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Joe Biden Disconnected From Reality

While Pompeo pointed out a return of American weakness, and “our adversaries not fearing us and our friends not trusting us,” he also focused on the apparent disconnect between Biden and other world leaders.

On Friday, Biden claimed that he had seen “no questioning of our credibility from our allies around the world.” But earlier in the week, British lawmakers went full bore on Biden and his reckless handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called it a “failure of intelligence, leadership, and moral duty.” Conservative veteran of Parliament, and Afghanistan veteran Tom Tugendhat did not try to hide his anger at Biden.

Referring to Biden’s attempt at placing blame on Afghan soldiers and claiming they did not have the will to fight, Tugendhat replied, “To see (Biden) call into question the courage of men I fought with, to claim that they ran, is shameful. Those who have never fought for the colours they fly should be careful about criticising those who have.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said the mission had, “achieved less than planned,” and speaking of the families who had lost loved ones in the conflict, she added, “as it seems right now like it was all in vain.”


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America Can Rebuild Its Reputation

While the debacle in Afghanistan has done, as Sec. Pompeo said, “an enormous amount of damage to American credibility,” he also stated that all is not lost. He recommended several ways in which the U.S. can re-establish itself abroad as a reliable power for friends and a force to be reckoned with for foes.

Pompeo suggested walking away from any negotiations with Iran in Vienna, making good on defense agreements with places like Taiwan, and assisting Ukraine in order to prevent Vladimir Putin and Russia from walking away with any more territory.

Pompeo also stated that the U.S. must make clear that there will be no begging, no pleading, and no payment of any kind to allow Americans to move freely to the Kabul airport. If Americans are harmed, “You’re going to go and crush them, put real costs on them.”

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Trump Weighs In At Alabama Rally

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump held a rally in Cullman Alabama. He blasted the Biden administration’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, calling the situation, “…the most astonishing display of gross incompetence by a nation’s leader, perhaps at any time that anybody’s ever seen.” 

Trump also characterized the equipment and undestroyed military bases left behind as, “…a total surrender. It was a surrender for no reason,” before describing the conditions-based agreements his administration had made with the Taliban.

He said that the first two conditions, the Taliban failed to meet and, “we hit them hard…And then they met them.”

Trump also said there were other conditions the Taliban was prepared to meet, but then the election happened. Trump said of the fall of Kabul and the withdrawal of American troops, “This is a disgraceful thing. The most embarrassing thing that we’ve ever seen in this country.” 

Mike Pompeo told Bartiromo that there is a “massive disconnect” between the President, reports from the ground in Afghanistan, and even Pentagon officials.

“It certainly doesn’t appear that he understands, or, perhaps less, he’s just not that interested,” he said. 

Pompeo added that,“He’s more focused on spending $3.5 trillion or creating diversity inside of our military. These are the kinds of things that world leaders are looking for.

“They’re looking to show American resolve and strength,” he continued. “I hope that the Biden team has it within them to deliver on these kinds of clear actions, not just words, but actions that will convince leaders around the world that we remain a strong force, a strong partner.”