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Poll: Should Trump Take Obama’s Security Clearance Away?

President Trump caused a media sensation when he stripped former CIA Director James Brennan of his security clearance. (RELATED: JUST IN: John Brennan FINALLY Loses Security Clearance.)

Brennan has, of course, been in the news of late, disparaging President Trump, calling his actions seeking an entente with Russia treasonous. Brennan hasn’t exactly been behaving like a neutral public servant, and his comments were damaging to the White House, so he was denied the privilege of receiving intelligence reports.

Following that, rumors arose of Trump threatening to also strip former President Obama of his security clearance, rumors the President flatly denied. (RELATED: Trump Slams ‘Fake News’ Report That He Sought to Revoke Obama’s Access to Intelligence Briefings.)

Still, the very notion of having Trump take Obama’s security clearance away from him has found some purchase among the President’s supporters, many of whom find the actions of Obama’s DOJ during the 2016 election to be particularly alarming.

What do you think? Should Trump take away Obama’s security clearance?

For Trump to do this would be highly unprecedented. But, then again, Obama’s DOJ’s active interference in the 2016 election was unprecedented as well.

Take the poll above and let us know what you think!