It’s been long overdue, but former CIA Director John Brennan has FINALLY had his security clearance revoked.

While it would be common sense to revoke the security clearance of anyone fired from an intelligence position, that’s somehow not the standard procedure in America.

The media will undoubtedly chalk up Brennan’s revoked security clearance to a personal vendetta from President Donald Trump, but Trump was hardly the only one calling to have that access revoked. “Is John Brennan monetizing his security clearance? Is John Brennan making millions of dollars divulging secrets to the mainstream media with his attacks on Donald Trump?” Rand Paul asked last month. He then said he’d be meeting with Trump to recommend revoking Brennan’s clearance.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the announcement. “Historically, former heads of intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been allowed to retain access to classified information after their government service so that they can consult with their successors regarding matters about which they may have special insights and as a professional courtesy. Neither of these justifications supports Mr. Brennan’s continued access to classified information,” she said.

“I’ve exercised my constitutional authority to deny Mr. Brennan access to classified information,” she concluded.

Sanders also said the White House would be reviewing the clearances of James Comey, Jim Clapper, Michael Hayden, Sally Yates, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Susan Rice, and Bruce Orr, all of which have played a hand in the Spygate scandal.

Watch below:

Here were the reactions across political lines:

As we’ve documented yesterday, when it comes to the origins of the Trump/Russia investigation, Brennan was the man behind the curtain. Brennan played a large role in relaying British intelligence on the Trump campaign to the FBI (a form of “information laundering,”).

The British intelligence agency GCHQ had been gathering intelligence on members of the Trump campaign (which they claim was accidental), but certainly, it wasn’t accidental when the head of the GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, flew down to Washington to share that intelligence with Brennan in the summer of 2016.

Brennan had also received information from “an intelligence agency of one of the Baltic States” earlier in April. Brennan then was able to use the GCHQ’s (and Baltic) information to press the FBI into launching a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.

Brennan is the fired intelligence figure behind the greatest witch hunt in modern American political history, and yet liberals still think he deserves clearance. Any reason to oppose Trump is good for them, I suppose.