The fallout from an anonymous ‘resistance’ op-ed in the New York Times last week seems to be impacting on President Trump’s approval ratings.

The source, however, will make you think twice.

A CNN poll seeking respondents immediately in the aftermath of the shocking op-ed shows that Trump’s numbers took a dive. A mere 36 percent voiced support for the President, a sharp 6-point drop in one month’s time and the lowest rate in any major survey since February.

Breaking down the numbers even further, so-called Independents – which are nothing more than liberals unwilling to admit their shortcomings – support him at a 31 percent rate, marking a massive 16-point drop in one month.

Even within the CNN poll, Republicans still support President Trump with an 82 percent approval rating.

“This President has the highest approval rating within his own party of any President in modern history other than President Bush during 9/11,” RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany told the Political Insider in an exclusive interview last month.

While the results seem rather bleak it should be noted that CNN’s survey ranks far below several other national polls that have Trump’s approval rating as high as 48 percent.

Rasmussen Reports has its daily presidential tracking number holding steady at 47 percent, 5 points above the media’s savior in Barack Obama on September 10th, 2010.

Another factor to consider, according to poll methodology, the respondents break down along political lines as such: 34 percent Democrats, 25 percent Republicans, and 40 percent as Independents or another party.

With that kind of sampling – just 25 percent Republicans! – it’s little wonder that a poll would demonstrate low numbers for the President’s approval rating. That is an extremely skewed effort by CNN.

It’s actually rather surprising that Trump’s approval ratings don’t track much lower. Coverage of his administration has been overwhelmingly negative, while the media sang the praises of Barack Obama throughout his time in the White House. And he’s still sitting higher than Obama.

Imagine where he’d be if ‘fake news’ outlets like CNN gave President Trump credit for ending the threat of war on the Korean peninsula, or touted his economic recovery through tax cuts, slashing of regulations, and historically good unemployment numbers, or how he effectively wiped out one terrorist threat in ISIS.

Instead, we have anonymous sources writing op-ed columns for a compliant anti-Trump media and resistance member within the administration high-fiving the effort and describing themselves as rebels.

You know what’d be rebellious at this point? If they would stop falsely reporting on the President, stop skewing poll numbers, and start accurately portraying the news around them.

I’d high-five that.