In an exclusive interview with The Political Insider, RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany took the “NeverTrump” faction of the Republican Party to task.

Discussing the bitterness of the movement and their impact on the upcoming midterm elections, The Political Insider’s James Miller asked McEnany her thoughts after she indicated President Trump would be a player in the Republican Party for some time to come.

“Do you think that’s a hard pill to swallow for some of the folks even within the Republican Party, the so-called ‘NeverTrumpers,’ do you think that’s a hard thing for them to get behind?” James asked.

McEnany dismissed the group as a factor in anything that truly matters politically, instead insisting that they only exist as media commentators.

“The ‘NeverTrump’ Republican has always been a phenomenon that only existed in the mainstream media, on cable news sets,” McEneny explained.

“This President has the highest approval rating within his own party of any President in modern history other than President Bush during 9/11.”

A poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News last month showed President Trump earning an 88 percent approval rating from Republicans. Bush was at 96 percent within his party after 9/11.

“Voters are behind this President like they’ve never been before behind another Republican president, and the fact that you have these so-called ‘NeverTrump’ commentators, they only exist on cable news sets,” she said.

“They do not represent our party in any way, shape, or form … and they continually want to relitigate the election because they’re frustrated that they were on the losing side of it.”

One of those perpetually frustrated opponents of the President, Bill Kristol, former editor-in-chief of The Weekly Standard, is trying to make that leap from political commentary to actual politician.

Kristol, one of the more vocal critics of President Trump, is reported to be considering a primary challenge in 2020.

We’re not sure how that will go over in a party that so strongly approves of their President. McEnany, however, is pretty sure of how the 2020 election will play out.

“I can assure you once the President finishes up his two terms he will still be an active player,” she said.

Much to the dismay of wishy-washy Republicans, the Resistance, or whatever you want to call them, Trump is the undisputed head of the party and his influence will remain as much in the future.

NeverTrumpers need to get over their opposition or get out.