Poll Shows Far Fewer Americans Are Satisfied With How ‘Democracy’ Is Working In America Under Biden Than Right After January 6th

Even as President Biden restokes the flames of a 'democracy in peril' in an attempt to boost his sagging poll numbers, Americans are decidedly less satisfied with how democracy is working under his administration than they were in the days following January 6th.
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Even as President Biden re-stokes the flames of a ‘democracy in peril’ in an attempt to boost his sagging poll numbers, Americans are decidedly less satisfied with how democracy is working under his administration than they were in the days following January 6th.

In a recent Gallup poll, a record-breaking number of Americans expressed their dissatisfaction with the way democracy is working in the United States.

The poll, based on results gathered in December, revealed that only 28% of adults in the U.S. are satisfied with democracy, marking a significant drop from the previous record of 35% measured shortly after the Capitol riot.

Both numbers are well below polls from previous years asking the same question. But President Biden, who often casts himself as the candidate who saved and will continue to save democracy, must be stunned to see that Americans are not buying the rhetoric.

“Americans are preparing to elect the next president at a time when they are less happy about the state of U.S. democracy than at any point in at least 40 years,” Gallup reports.

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Poll Suggests More Americans Worried About Democracy Under Biden

As the poll indicates, Americans’ dissatisfaction with democracy is not confined to one political party or ideology. It is a widespread sentiment that cuts across the political spectrum.

Yes, Republicans are the least satisfied with how democracy is working under President Biden. Having your preferred presidential candidate prosecuted by the President and his Justice Department will do that.

21% of Republicans were not pleased in the days after January 6th, 2021. Their qualms with the electoral process were the entire reason for the protests at that time, so it makes sense.

In the current poll, just 17% are likely to say they are satisfied with the state of democracy. Not much of a change.

Perhaps more remarkable is the fact that Independents and Democrat voters both saw a substantially larger decline in their faith in democracy since January 6th.

36% of independents were satisfied in 2021, compared to 27% in the current iteration of the poll.

47% of Democrats were content with how democracy was working in 2021, compared to 38% today. Why, pray tell, would that be the case? President Biden saved democracy, did he not?

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Biden Is Dangerous For Democracy

In the eyes of Democrats, the January 6 riot at the Capitol was nearly the end of democracy and the United States as we know it. And former President Donald Trump was the mastermind behind the effort, to their reckoning.

So imagine how distraught they and the current President must be to learn that democracy in Joe Biden’s America is seen as less secure.

President Biden recently claimed January 6th was the “day that we nearly lost America — lost it all.”

Former President Barack Obama has said Trump returning to the White House after the 2024 presidential election would be “pretty dangerous for democracy.”

And yet people were more satisfied with the “way democracy is working” when Trump was President and casting doubt on elections than they are under the current administration.

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