Politico Founder: Coronavirus Pandemic Marks End of ‘Trumpism’

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John Harris, the Founding Editor of Politico, argued in a column for the magazine that the coronavirus pandemic marks the end of “Trumpism” as we know it.

Harris: “Trumpism” Has Been Sent “Hurtling into Retreat” by Coronavirus

Harris wrote in his Politico article that the coronavirus pandemic proves that we now have to listen to supposed “experts” on a wide number of issues, including climate change. “A new political epoch” has been born in the past few weeks, Harris argues, and that therefore a technocratic, “scientific” path forward is the only way. “Trumpism” has been sent “hurtling into retreat:”

Trumpism as an idea is about promoting and protecting American sovereignty and singularity. In some contexts, even Trump foes might agree it’s an attractive concept: Well might we wish to seal our borders from the virus. But the only way this would be effective would be if the United States had years ago opted to adjourn from the modern interconnected global economy. Yes, the coronavirus first presented itself in China. How many people were surprised to learn only in the past few weeks that nearly all U.S. antibiotics also come from China. Trumpism as a style is defined not just by boasting and bluster; his triumphalism depends on projecting certitude. The president early on acted as if he could indeed create reality by proclamation, when he assured the public that U.S. infections would soon be down to zero.

He concludes by arguing that the President’s “mockery and castigation of opponents,” means that it is impossible for him to bring the country together in these times of crisis.

Harris is Talking Rubbish!

Harris, in my opinon, is talking absolute rubbish for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s clear that the coronavirus pandemic is only going to increase the cause of nationalism across the globe. The Politico article completely skirts over the arguments and dismisses them out of hand. The President has been planning for a while now to remove China from the supply chains of medicines and other crucial supplies – the coronavirus outbreak pushed his ideas to the forefront. It’s also very convenient that in his mind, Trump’s policy on China had to be done years ago, when nobody was arguing against China. The globalists at Politico don’t want us to change at all.

Secondly, Harris assumes that President Trump is anti-science, and the outbreak has just proved that “science” and “experts” must dominate from now on. This is, of course, nonsensical. Scientists are not omniscient gods who can do no wrong, and science is also not based on “consensus” – it’s based on truth. There is nothing wrong with listening to the advice of actual experts, but elite supposed academics in their ivory towers are not who we want running this country.

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