Video: Police Officers Stop What They’re Doing, What They Did Next Is AWESOME!

Police officers from the city of Troy, New York, were recently filmed by a concerned citizen — their actions caught on tape.

With today’s perpetual anti-police tone, you’ll be surprised to see what the officers were doing.

A picture was posted by Stephanie Marie on Facebook, and shared with the YNN Albany news page.



Take a look at the video …

As the photo spread on social media, the comments were overwhelmingly positive.

Marie wrote:

This is a video of some Troy Police officers taking some time to play basketball with these kids. How sweet and heart warming for them. Only 2 likes but 34 people watched it. Just because you may not like some cops and had got tickets from these people doesn’t mean you can’t like what they put there free time to. They took time to play with these kids. Could you just imagine how these kids felt playing with these awesome cops. And may have beat them too. Have some respect and ‘like” the video. They didn’t have to do this but they choose to.

One person said the video “should go viral” while another added that it shows the police officers are “examples of good men.”

It’s important to note that the Troy Police were recently wrongfully accused of brutality in a case involving the arrest of a black man at Kokopellis night club. Cell phone video of the officers detaining the unruly patron became national news. They were accused of using excessive force, and were even compared to the KKK by the club owner. The FBI got involved, eventually declining to investigate the incident due to a lack of evidence that any force had indeed been excessive.

Side note – That same bar owner who accused the Troy police of acting like the KKK? He was later arrested for shooting an unarmed black man in his club.

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