Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: Trump is a ‘Tyrant and Mass Murderer’

Roger Waters, the bassist and sometime lead singer of Pink Floyd, publicly labelled President Trump as a “tyrant and mass murderer.”

“The USA is a Fool’s Hell”

Waters was speaking at a Q&A for his new concert film, “Us & Them,” when he told the audience of adoring media types that the United States under President Trump is “a fool’s hell.”

“The United States of America is not a fool’s paradise; it’s a fool’s hell. And watching [the film], it reminded me that the great battle is the battle between propaganda and love. And propaganda is winning,” Waters said. “And sadly, the buttons of the propaganda machine are being pushed by people who are fucking sick. These sick, sociopathic fuckers, all of them, every single one of them. Believe it or not, Donald Trump is somewhere down here, floundering around in the muddy water at the bottom of the oligarchic pool.”

Waters then claimed that President Trump “has failed at fucking everything in his life except becoming the biggest … tyrant and mass murderer and mass destroyer of everything that any of us might love or cherish in the whole [world], only because he has the power. Unfortunately, he has his finger on the button on it, and he’s right.”

Waters added that the President has “a bigger button” that “works all over the world, murdering brown people for profit.”

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“The Only Candidate Who Can Win Against Trump is Sanders”

He told the media audience that he wished people in the US were getting involved in politics, “because if they were, you wouldn’t have Donald Trump as a president, you wouldn’t be having all this nonsense with the Democratic primaries, with them trying to destroy the only candidate who can possibly win against Donald Trump, Sanders.”

The audience then cheered at the suggestion that he was backing the socialist Senator from Vermont for President.

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Waters is spewing the exact same type of vitriol that every other left-wing celebrity does when talking about President Trump. They are all completely disconnected from the ordinary American people, and live in this fantasy world where the President is some sort of evil fascist who goes around genociding anyone who blocks him on Twitter. Mr Waters, you may have drunk the proverbial kool-aid, but please don’t throw it up all over us!
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