Piers Morgan Melts Down – Attacks Trump Supporter Laura Loomer And Bans Her From TV

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Piers Morgan has banned the pro-Donald Trump media personality Laura Loomer from his show, branding her a “total loony” as he did so.

Loomer Sounds Off

Loomer took to social media on Tuesday to sound off after she was bumped from Morgan’s show the day before.

“I JUST GOT CENSORED BY @piersmorgan for his show called ‘UNCENSORED’! Wow. This is absurd,” she wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “Yesterday @piersmorgan’s producer contacted me and asked me to come on his show today at 3 pm EST to talk about the Iowa Caucus results.”

“This morning we made arrangements for them to send a TV crew to record me live in Iowa,” she continued. “5 minutes ago, his producer called me and said they had to cancel me today because they wanted to interview Anthony Weiner instead. That was a lie, because they bumped me for @RonDeSantis surrogate Bill Mitchell … to talk about the Iowa Caucus, and I’m sure they will trash me on the interview. Here’s the screenshots to prove it!”

“This is so unprofessional @kieronmirch, and it is proof that @piersmorgan is too scared to have me on his show, so he invited a deranged DeSantis supporter on instead,” Loomer added. “Maybe Piers will grow a pair of balls and have me on to speak truth about Iowa and President Trump. But, he clearly is scared of getting LOOMERED on LIVE TV. RECEIPTS!”

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Morgan Bans Loomer

Less than an hour later, Morgan fired back at Loomer by having a full meltdown as he banned her from his show.

“Hi Ms Loomer, I pulled your hit because I think you’re a complete loony,” he wrote. “And now you’ve broken my golden rule.. publicly attack my brilliant team & print screenshots to embarrass them, and you get a lifetime ban from the show. Bye!”

Loomer, however, refused to back down.

“If you think I am a “complete loony”, then why did you have your staff ask me to stay in Iowa to do a LIVE hit on your show at 3 pm EST today?” she wrote. “@piersmorgan Stop being so disingenuous. You just don’t want me on your show because you’re a Trump hater, and you know I come prepared with the facts and receipts to call you out on your s***.”

“I don’t give a f*** about you or your staff,” she later added. “I care about Donald Trump and I care about defending his impeccable record. You’re a fraud. Donald Trump made you the Winner of his show ‘The Apprentice’ on Season 7, and you used to love him!!!”

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Morgan Reacts To Trump’s Iowa Caucus Win

Morgan reacted to Trump’s victory in the Iowa Caucus on Monday by admitting that his win “was so overwhelming it makes him odds-on favorite to be the Republican nominee.”

“What happened in Iowa cannot be overstated,” Morgan wrote for The Sun. “Trump won 51% of the vote, the biggest win in Iowa caucus history.”

Morgan went on to say that “the more the times he’s been dragged into court, the more popular he’s become with even Trump-critical Republicans who believe it’s an unfair liberal witch-hunt designed to stop him becoming President again.”

“Trump has painted himself into an oppressed martyr, and his followers have bought into his victimhood status with extraordinary enthusiasm,” Morgan acknowledged. “In Iowa, 71% of his supporters told pollsters they believe him fit to be president again even if he’s convicted of a crime.”

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