Pelosi Includes ‘Mail-In’ Election Demands With Coronavirus Relief Package

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi added wording to the third coronavirus relief package that calls for November’s election to be conducted with “mail-in” ballots.

According to a statement from the Speaker’s office, the House bill contains language referencing the upcoming election and vote-by-mail efforts.

“[The package] ensures that states can carry out this year’s election with billions in grant funding for states through the Election Assistance Commission,” they write, “and a national requirement for both 15 days of early voting and no-excuse absentee vote-by-mail, including mailing a ballot to all registered voters in an emergency.”

What could possibly go wrong?

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Hillary Demanded It

Pelosi slipping language into the coronavirus relief package calling for mail-in balloting comes just days after two-time presidential campaign loser Hillary Clinton demanded the same.

“Congress needs to act to make voting by mail the norm going forward,” Clinton demanded, using the coronavirus crisis as a means to push election methods susceptible to voter fraud.

Why? Democrats are clearly concerned that if the crisis lingers, it could start affecting the election. Possibly even forcing a postponement.

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown speculated about just such a problem.

“My concern is that in the age of Trump that other governors might think, or that the president might ask, for a delay in the November election based on something, perhaps this, perhaps something else,” Brown said after Ohio delayed their primary.

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Fraud Alert

ProPublica, hardly a right-wing outlet, has said voting by mail is fraught with risks, including “opportunities for voter fraud.”

“Among the possible downsides of a quick transition” to vote-by-mail, they write, “are increased voter fraud, logistical snafus and reduced turnout among voters who move frequently or lack a mailing address.”

Now you know why Hillary, Nancy, and the Democrats are so enamored with this proposal. Voter fraud and actual voter suppression.

“There is bipartisan consensus that mail-in ballots are the form of voting most vulnerable to fraud,” ProPublica reports, pointing out recent debacles in North Carolina and Texas.

If liberals get their way and allow vote-by-mail without stringent safeguards against fraud, you can expect even more election shenanigans. Which is exactly what they want.

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