Dem Senator Sherrod Brown Says Trump Could Delay 2020 Election Over Coronavirus Or ‘Something Else’

Sherrod Brown

Without evidence, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown speculated Wednesday that President Donald Trump could potentially use the coronavirus outbreak to postpone the 2020 presidential election.

Sen. Brown Thinks Trump Could Delay the November Election

“My concern is that in the age of Trump that other governors might think, or that the president might ask, for a delay in the November election based on something, perhaps this, perhaps something else,” Brown said to reporters, according to the Columbus Dispatch, regarding Ohio pausing its Tuesday presidential primary election.

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“I wish they had done this earlier. I think they could have done this on Friday. He’s in the arena doing this, I’m not,” Brown said, referring to his state’s Republican Governor Mike DeWine. “I’m not super critical of him. I just wish they had done this earlier.”

Mere hours before Ohioans were set to vote in their state’s primary, Gov. DeWine asked that polls close and rescheduled the election to June 2.

“We should not force them to make this choice, the choice between their health and their constitutional rights and duties,” DeWine said Monday.

Arizona, Florida, and Illinois still held their primary elections this week, with Joe Biden winning all three contests.

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Brown Wants a ‘National Vote-By-Mail System’

Sen. Brown also said he supports using a “national vote-by-mail system” for the general election in November. 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has made similar recommendations.

As of Wednesday, 88 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Ohio across 19 counties, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

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