Pelosi Hints That Jan. 6 Commission Is Investigating GOP Reps. Jordan And Banks

On Monday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to say that the two Republicans she rejected to serve on the Jan. 6 insurrection committee, GOP Reps. Jim Banks and Jim Jordan, are actually being investigated by the committee.

Pelosi made her comments during an interview with The 19th News which was published on Monday.

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Pelosi Hints That Committee Is Investigating Pro-Trump Republicans

After attacking Republican election integrity bills being passed by state governments, Pelosi turned to the work of her committee.

Pelosi attacked Banks and Jordan as “outrageous” choices for Republicans to put forth to serve on the committee.

“Well, we’ll see what the committee finds out about them, but they weren’t going to be on the committee.”

Pelosi continued, “They would be antics and clowns and not serious about this and still participants in the big lie.” 

She added, “I didn’t really care if they had voted to accept the results of the election or not. All I wanted them to be is willing to seek the truth.”

Banks and Jordan are strong Trump allies.

Pelosi then praised the Republicans she chose to serve on the committee – anti-Trump Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. 

The Speaker described Cheney, “as courageous a person I’ve ever seen in the Congress of the United States, and informed, eloquent, and patriotic.” 

Both Cheney and Kinzinger voted to impeach President Trump for “inciting” the Capitol riot. 

Banks Responds

Banks accused Pelosi of using the select committee to target him and other political opponents like Jordan.

“That is an abuse of power and if she follows through she needs to be held accountable,” Banks said in a statement.

Banks continued, “Today, Speaker Pelosi threatened to investigate her political opponents without pretext. That is an abuse of power and if she follows through she needs to be held accountable. It is banana republic style politics that doesn’t belong in America. She has harmed Congress’s unity and the functioning of American democracy more than any single politician ever.”

You can watch Pelosi’s comments below, starting after the 3-minute mark:

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