Broadway Icon Refuses To Perform If ‘Motherf****r’ Trump Comes To Her Show

Grace Carr on June 16, 2017

Broadway star Patti LuPone had strong words for the Trump administration while on the Tony Awards red carpet Sunday, refusing to perform if the president ever attended her show.

LuPone, whose performance in “War Paint” earned her an acting nomination, said that President Donald Trump shouldn’t see her show, telling Variety reporter Gordon Cox on the red carpet that, “I won’t perform if he does.” When Cox asked LuPone why, she declared, “Because I hate the motherfucker, how’s that?”

The Huffington Post described the series of biting remarks as the “Fire Emoji Personified.”

In contrast to LuPone, Corey Hawkins — nominated for his work in “Six Degrees of Separation” — wants Trump to come see his play “because it’s about connection. It’s about reaching out, and it’s about seeing each other for who we are, and it’s about honesty, and it’s about love. I think our country could stand to use a lot of that right now.”

Others, like Leslie Odom Jr. — Aaron Burr in Broadway smash musical “Hamilton” — also said that they would love for the president to experience their shows.

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