Family of Parkland Shooting Victim Sues ‘Cowardly’ Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy

The family of Parkland shooting victim, Meadow Pollack, announced they have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson.

Peterson, video evidence shows, hid outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High while the shooter carried out a massacre of 17 students inside.

Andrew Pollack, Meadow’s father, believes at the very least Peterson could have confronted the killer within minutes and prevented several deaths.

“This guy could have ended it on the first floor,” Pollack told the Daily Caller. “Instead he let six more people die. My daughter would want me to speak up for her. The love I have for my daughter is unmeasurable.”

Pollack hammered Peterson as a coward, hoping that by filing the suit he would be remembered as such by the public.

“I want to expose that coward so bad,” he tweeted. “Wherever he goes I want people to recognize him and say that’s one of the cowards of Broward. The SRO that let those children and teachers die on the 3rd floor!”

Peterson stood idly by while courageous ROTC students inside risked their lives helping fellow students escape.

Pollack, you may remember, was mocked by liberals even as he searched for information about his daughter, for the sole crime of wearing a Trump t-shirt.

The President also ripped the resource officer’s response to the shooting, saying he and others who waited outside “weren’t exactly Medal of Honor winners,” adding “the way they performed was frankly disgusting.”

Pollack attended a White House meeting not long after the shooting and focused on school safety during a riveting speech.

“If we all work together and come up with the right idea — school safety,” he said. “It is not about gun laws. That is another fight, another battle. Let’s fix the schools and then you guys can battle it out whatever you want.”

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