19 members of the House Oversight Committee are warning that President Joe Biden’s illegal immigration policies could create a COVID health crisis at the border.

The letter sent by Ranking member James Comer (R-KY), and 18 other members, expressed their concerns about a looming health crisis, “We are particularly concerned that the Biden administration’s actions could soon lead to a health crisis at the border, and surrounding communities, causing widespread COVID-19 infections and fatalities.”

The letter went on to say, 

“In addition to his reckless policies and executive actions, President Biden’s rhetoric relating to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and gutting interior enforcement priorities is leading to a perfect storm on the southwest border. Without a radically different approach, a health, security, and humanitarian crisis is inevitable.”

The Republicans claim Biden is letting illegal immigrants in to the country without being tested for COVID: 

To prevent overcrowding and ensure children do not spend more than 72 hours in custody, border personnel are forced to quickly process those family units under Title 8, issue then Notices to Appear in immigration court, and release them into the interior without any quarantine or COVID-19 testing.

You can read the letter in the tweet above, or here.

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Officials Have Tried To Sound The Alarm

From almost the minute Joe Biden took the Oath of Office, law enforcement officials from all over the country have been trying to sound the alarm and explain just how dangerous the Biden administration’s policies are to Americans.

One of the first acts of Biden’s presidency was to halt construction of the border wall.

Some in law enforcement are beginning to speak out, like Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick County Maryland. He began by saying that the new policies would not just endanger American communities, but immigrant communities as well.

In a February 8 interview with “Fox & Friends,” Jenkins talked about new guidelines put out by the Biden administration that would result in fewer arrests for low level crimes such as DUI’s, assault, fraud, and robbery.

The following day, Sheriff A.J. Louderback of Jackson County Texas spoke to Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, and claimed that the Biden administration is releasing illegal immigrants into the U.S. with no COVID testing – dovetailing the claim made by the Oversight Republicans.

Louderback, like Jenkins, claimed that ICE has been essentially ‘abolished by memo.’

Louderback said that the new policies of Joe Biden send a clear message to the rest of the world, “it’s a message to the world that you can come here illegally, you can commit crimes here against Americans, and remain illegally.”

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Recent Texas Severe Weather Making Matters Worse

This week, severe winter weather has slammed Texas, leaving millions without power, and many without water. Temperatures in the single digits have frozen wind turbines and created problems with natural gas.

The Mayor of Del Rio Texas, a border town of around 50,000 people, sent a video message to President Biden on Wednesday, begging him to stop releasing illegal immigrants into his city amidst the crush of the pandemic and weather crisis.

Mayor Bruno Lozano sent an impassioned plea to Biden put a halt to the influx of illegals into his city: “I am pleading and requesting with you to please put a halt to any measures regarding the release of immigrants awaiting court dates, into the city of Del Rio and surrounding areas.”

Lozano went on to say, “If you do send these individuals into our community, we will be forced to make a decision to leave them without resources under these dire circumstances.”

He added, “Please make another plan for this federal issue.”

Compounding the problems is the fact that Del Rio is in an area that includes 7 million people who are under a boil order for water consumption. 

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Rolling Back Trump-Era Immigration Policy

Some of the items included in the new “U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” are illustrative of the fact that Congress and the Biden administration is very much not America first.

The immigration legislation includes an eight-year path to citizenship for an estimated 11 million illegal aliens, and increases the number of diversity visas from the current number of 55,000 to 80,000.

Naturally, Biden has defended his moves and proposals by attacking his predecessor: