Sheriff Chuck Jenkins: Biden Immigration Actions Should ‘Outrage’ Americans

sheriff biden immigration policies

Frederick County, Maryland Sheriff Chuck Jenkins lit into President Joe Biden’s rollback of Trump-era immigration policies, saying that the moves should “outrage” every American. 

Jenkins made his comments on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

Jenkins argued that the moves not only make Americans less safe, but immigrant communities as well.

He also referred to a Washington Post report that says that quotes an unnamed ICE official as saying, “They’ve abolished ICE without abolishing ICE. The pendulum swing is so extreme. It literally feels like we’ve gone from the ability to fully enforce our immigration laws to now being told to enforce nothing.”

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Low Level Criminals Will Face Fewer Deportations

Joe Biden wasted no time in keeping at least one campaign promise, that of rescinding many of President Donald Trump’s directives on immigration policy, including stopping work on the wall at the southern border. 

Under President Biden, Homeland Security officials will be given new guidelines that will result in fewer arrests and deportations for those convicted of drug crimes, DUI’s, low-level assaulters, fraudsters, and thieves.

Sheriff Jenkins called this “ridiculous.”

“One thing that’s always considered in the deportations are the criminal histories so regardless of the felony, regardless of the event, the crime these people are going to roam our streets with impunity,” Jenkins warned. “It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

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Illegal Border Crossings Reaching ‘Crisis Levels’

In addition to halting the building of the border wall, Joe Biden will take America back to Obama-era immigration policies.

For example, the Biden administration will re-implement “catch and release,” the practice of Border agents releasing newly apprehended immigrants into U.S. communities while awaiting a hearing on their immigration status.

Along those lines, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has stated that they cannot keep large numbers of illegal immigrants in detention centers due to COVID-19.

This comes as illegal border crossings are reaching “crisis levels.”

According to a Yahoo News report, CBP currently sees 3,000-3,500 illegal crossings per day.

Former Trump Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, in warning about the uptick in illegal immigration, cited a statistic from former Obama Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson that just 1,000 crossings a day “overwhelms the system,” and 4,000 crossings daily was “crisis level.”

Also on the Biden agenda, according to a Fox news report, stronger protection for DACA recipients, those who were brought to the U.S. as children.

Biden has also signed an executive order expanding the refugee program.

Beginning in fiscal year 2022, which starts in October, the order would call for the resettlement of up to 125,000 refugees.

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What Is Really Going On At The Southern Border

But it gets worse. While the situation at the border worsens, the effects of the pandemic continue to ravage the American population.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are 17 million unemployed Americans.

Many of those entering the country at the southern border will look for jobs that could employ Americans.

Between the 1.2 million green cards issued to legal immigrants to apply for citizenship and 1.4 million visas given out to foreign nationals annually, the job market for American citizens looks bleak. 

But the most sinister of consequences comes in the form of the drug trade, and those from countries other than Mexico and Central America.

“Law Enforcement Today” cites a November Fox news report that states that Chinese drug lords are working in conjunction with Mexican drug cartels to smuggle fentanyl and other drugs into the U.S. 

In a disturbing video, Journalist Lara Logan visited with Counterterrorism Specialist Jason Jones on the border.

The gun battle captured on video speaks for itself. Watch:

And on Feb. 1, Border Patrol Agents arrested 11 Iranian citizens after they had crossed the border into Arizona. The group consisted of five women and six men, all from Iran.

Joe Biden’s new border policy is no secret to the rest of the world.

Sheriff Jenkins of Frederick County Maryland told Fox New’s Steve Doocy that he believes that “the Biden administration is angry with President Trump. All of the strides that he made in stronger immigration enforcement over the past four years, they’re totally being undone and dismantled.” 

It won’t be President Trump who suffers from the changes in policy.

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