FoxNews O’Reilly and Kelly SLAM Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby for Appearing Onstage with Prince


Just pathetic.

Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby appeared onstage at a “Prince” Concert that clearly presumed Baltimore Police Officers guilty before their trial even begins. Mosby is supposed to be seeking “justice,” but instead, she seems to be on a witch hunt against Police Officers.

Last night on Fox News The O’Reilly Factor, Megyn Kelly joined Bill O’Reilly to speak on Mosby’s appearance and by listening to their tones and strength of argument, you could tell they were not happy with her newly found fame.

“Totally inappropriate, she had no business being there,” Kelly said during her appearance on The O’Reilly Factor Monday night.

“Ms. Mosby is running the most unprofessional office I have ever seen in my life,” O’Reilly added, arguing that the case should be moved out of her jurisdiction.

The concept of “prosecutorial bias” seems rather too subtle for the “progressive” mind to grasp. Were a photo of Mosby chunking a rock at police to come to light, some of you would claim that she was simply, and appropriately, exercising her right to symbolic speech.

The problem isn’t that Mosby attended the concert, she’s free to do so as a paying customer, but not only is it inappropriate, but grotesque, for a prosecutor to channel the partisan animosity of a mob.

What do you feel about O’Reilly and Kelly’s assessment of Mosby’s appearance? Did they overreach or were they justified in their statements? Tell us what you think below.

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