Oregon Sheriffs Refuse To Send Their Officers To Portland

Oregon Sheriffs Portland

The Sheriffs of Oregon’s Clackamas and Washington Counties have said they won’t send their officers to Portland to help with the riots.

Brown Announces Riot Control Plan Involving Commitment To “Racial Justice”

Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced a plan earlier this week that would “stop the violence” in Portland, where a Trump supporter was murderedn the weekend, but also o still “protect the free speech” of the riotous mobs. Brown said her plan would “commit to bring about real change and racial justice.”

The plan blamed supposed “armed white supremacists” for causing the violence, claiming they entered Portland looking for a fight, rather than placing the blame on the very real and nonfictional armed communist antifa supporters.

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Sheriffs Refuse To Send Deputies

Her plan also involved bringing in nearby law enforcement to help Portland’s PD, namely from Washington County and Clackamas County. However, the sheriffs of those counties have refused to engage with Brown’s plan.

Craig Roberts, Sheriff of Clackamas County, said Brown’s office had not informed him before announcing the plan.

“Increasing law enforcement resources in Portland will not solve the nightly violence and now, murder,” Roberts said. “The only way to make Portland safe again, is to support a policy that holds offenders accountable for their destruction and violence.”

He was joined by Sheriff Pat Garrett of Oregon’s Washington County, who said he also would not send his deputies to Portland.

“The lack of poltiical support for public safety, the uncertain legal landscape, the current volatility combined with intense scrutiny on use of force presents an unacceptable risk if deputies were deployed directly,” Garrett said.

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Sheriffs Are Standing Up For Ordinary Citizens

It’s fantastic to see Sheriffs once again standing up for the rights of common people. Nothing in Brown’s plan would have actually stopped these communist-filled riots. Sheriff Roberts correctly pointed out that only a change of policy would fix things, and not just throwing more bodies at the situation.

This is a trend marked across the country in these uncertain political times, where Sheriffs defend the Second Amendment against gross government over-reach, and refuse to enforce unconstitutational mask orders. In the UK, our police just sit back and do whatever the government tells them, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, so thank your lucky stars America has officers that care about their citizens!

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