Chris Murphy, the Democrat Senator from Connecticut, argued on Twitter that President Trump is “deliberately killing people.”

“His Plan Is To Kill People”

“Can we take the gloves off and tell the truth? Trump is deliberately killing people,” Murphy tweeted on Saturday. His argument? President Trump “holds rallies where people get infected,” due to their being “no social distancing masks,” which sends “a clear message” that people should ignore the CDC guidelines.

“His plan is to kill people. Let’s just say it,” Murphy concluded.

He also attacked those who attended the RNC, including members of President Trump’s cabinet, who didn’t wear face masks.

“These guys are stone cold killers. The next 50,000 people who die are their responsibility,” Murphy added, claiming that they were “setting an example that would be followed and they reveled in it.”

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“Trump’s Actions Killed Thousands”

Unsurprisingly, Murphy was slammed by many online for his incredible comments, which lay the deaths of thousands and thousands of people at the hand of President Trump and the Republican Party as a whole.

He added to his original post a long Twitter thread, where he argued that there was “no good reason” for the President and others to not wear masks at the rallies, finishing with a rather nasty analogy:

Think of it this way – say you told your wife you’re going to drive to the grocery store, and on the way ignore all the stoplights. You don’t have a good reason – you just want to get to the store faster. She tells you before you leave that you’re going to get people killed. But you do it anyway, and you run over people.

You had no good reason to be reckless. You knew the consequences beforehand and did it anyway. You’d be rightly called a killer. The difference btwn [sic] you and Trump is that you killed 3 or 4. Trump’s actions killed thousands.

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Violent Rhetoric Has Violent Consequences

We’ve seen this rhetoric from Democrats all the time, trying to pin the responsibility for death, destruction, and violence on the President.

On Monday, Biden put out a tweet insinuating that the current violence we’re seeing across America will not stop unless he is elected President in November.

And do you know what this means? You can justify more and more violence against the President and his allies.

“I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country,” said Nancy Pelosi.

“They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,” said Rick Wilson.

These quotes go on and on, and you can watch many more in this video below.

We had over the weekend a Trump supporter slain in the street by an Antifa activist for backing this President. Maybe the violence won’t stop if President Trump is re-elected, but that’s only because the Democrats will keep encouraging it.