Opinion: Democrat Race Shaping Up Like 1968, Trump Landslide

A veep is nominated, after a bruising contest with a leftist, and loses to a Republican in November. That was 1968.


More than one analyst out there, including this one, is comparing the likely November win of President Trump to GOP wins in 1972 and 1984.

In those contests a Republican incumbent, Nixon and Reagan respectively, soundly beat a Democrat challenger in a landslide of historic proportions. Both comparisons are good ones. But throw in the Democrat primaries and another one becomes even more interesting: 1968.

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Granted, you have to ignore a youth-powered leftist, Gene McCarthy, driving an incumbent Democrat president out of the race after the president, LBJ, did not win big in New Hampshire. And pray God no one gets shot on the campaign trail, as did Bobby Kennedy.

However, the big picture has a left-run rebel movement akin to the Sanderistas today up against, at the convention, the Democrat machine and the sitting veep, Hubert Humphrey. While Biden is not the sitting veep, he’s a former veep, you get the drift.

The movement and the veep battled all the way to the Chicago convention, where the leftist movement was stopped dead in its tracks by the veep and the Democrat machine. And then? All hell broke loose.

The left-led hippie brigades clashed with Chicago’s finest on the streets and parks of the Windy City. The boys in blue roughed up the dirty urchins and the media tut tutted from their safe spaces above the fray. When it was over the Democrats were so split that even with a conservative-leaning vote split between the GOP’s Nixon and the hardcore right wing Wallace in November of 1968, the GOP still won and Nixon was elected president.

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Is the sellout of the left going to happen in July in Milwaukee? Very possibly. Will Bernie’s own dirty urchins take to the streets? Unlikely, it would get their parents mad and scuff up their expensive footwear. But will the Democrats be so split that many will sit on their hands and reelect a GOP incumbent?

That, is a very solid bet.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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