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Politico Confirms ‘No Bombshells’ In Omarosa Recordings

Omarosa secretly recorded her conversations with members of the Trump administration during her brief stint at the White House, but the bombshells the media wishes she has simply aren’t there.

The left-leaning Politico listened to and analyzed all of Omarosa’s tapes, and as they learned, there was no “there” there. As they write, ” Like the WikiLeaks dump — which severely damaged the Clinton campaign by taking it off message, but never produced a smoking gun — Manigault Newman’s tapes, according to someone who has listened to them, are juicy to listen to but ultimately don’t contain any bombshell about the president or his family. Former senior staffers also said they felt safer because Manigault Newman was not included in small, high-level meetings. And they doubted that she taped the one broader senior staff meeting that she attended, which included about 25 people.”

There’s nothing there, and it should be emphasized just how different this is that something like the DNC’s hacked and leaked emails. Everyone sending an email knows they’re leaving a paper trail – while recording someone without them knowing (as Omarosa did) leaves open the possibility that people will make embarrassing off-hand comments they wouldn’t otherwise make. Yet despite those differences, there were damning revelations to be found within the DNC’s emails than the Omarosa recordings.

It should come to no surprise that Omarosa lied about her supposedly damning recordings because she lied about everything else too.

  • She claimed that Trump called Kellyanne Conway’s husband a “f***ing goo-goo.” Conway’s husband (who hates Trump) says that’s a lie.
  • She claimed that pollster Frank Luntz overheard Trump say the n-word. Luntz (who is no fan of Trump) says that’s a lie.
  • She claims to have quit her job after hearing recordings of Trump using the n-word while at “The Apprentice,” but we know from other recordings of hers that she was fired by John Kelly.
  • She claims that those “n-word” tapes were discovered by Apprentice Producer Bill Pruitt, but Pruitt claims that no such tapes even exist.

Omarosa has absolutely no credibility – but don’t just take my word for it. That’s all liberals have been saying since she joined the Trump campaign, as you can see for yourself below:

How ironic is that?

I guess liberals were right about one thing!