The saga of Omarosa’s holy grail, the Trump n-word tape, continues.

The story so far: former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman claims that an audio recording of President Trump saying the n-word exists, somewhere out in the ether. The tape supposedly comes from his days on “The Apprentice,” and the comment was picked up on a hot mic. Plus, we know that there have long been rumors that such a tape existed, though its exact nature and origin and contents seem to be unknown to everyone. (RELATED: Omarosa Releases Recording of Trump Staffers Discussing Rumored ‘N-Word’ Tapes.)

With Omarosa making the rounds on the TV circuit, boosting the tape’s existence along with her new book, her story about the recording has suddenly changed. This dramatic turn of events is now undermining her credibility and has many questioning if the whole thing is just a hoax, to begin with.

Let’s start with an exclusive report in the Huffington Post. Yashar Ali reports: “Manigault Newman told multiple Trump aides last December that the audio played for her by McClain included Trump allegedly used a racial slur in referring to a black ‘Apprentice’ contestant, Kwame Jackson.” This, Omarosa maintains is what “led her to resign” on the evening of December 12, 2017. Yet, Omarosa didn’t resign. She was fired by John Kelly. (RELATED: Omarosa Was Fired For Using Presidential Motorcade As Personal Car Service.)

Omarosa is now claiming to have heard the recording or at least made that claim back in December. Yet she suggests in her book that she didn’t actually hear the tape in person. When pressed about that during an NPR interview, she tried to clarify that she indeed did hear the recording.

OK. Supposing that she did hear the recording, why did she then tell Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” that she only heard the recording after publication for the book closed?

This makes no sense. According to the Huffington Post report, Omarosa supposedly heard the recording back in December. Yet, presumably, she didn’t start writing her book until after she left the White House. Why is she claiming to have heard the recording after the book was done and published, yet also months beforehand?

Can Omarosa Be Trusted?

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Sounds fishy to me.