Omarosa Manigault Newman cannot be trusted. Anyone who falls for her publicity-seeking is a mark and isn’t fit to pass judgment on anybody.

Seriously: anyone taking this fabulist and huckster seriously needs to get their heads checked. Omarosa is a reality-TV star. She’s not a credible source on anything other than her own ego.

Three Strikes

Omarosa has, of course, been making the rounds on TV, spreading the pernicious lie that recordings exist with Trump saying the n-word from back in his “The Apprentice” days on NBC. (RELATED: Former White House Official Omarosa Claims Tapes Exist of Trump Saying ‘N-Word’). Here she is this morning making the exact claim on the “Today” show.


Strike 1

So, what’s Omarosa’s proof for said recordings? Absolute zilch. In fact, the so-called source of this rumor is denying them. Behold, popular pollster Frank Luntz:

That’s strike one against Omarosa’s tall tale.

Strike 2

The second strike is Omarosa’s willingness to work with President Trump in the White House after hearing him drop racial epithets like they were diet coke orders. Even the ultra-liberal Toure agrees with this point:

So what gives? If Trump is an unrepentant racist, why is Omarosa working with him on outreach to minority communities? Why did she even deign to work in the White House under a boss who supposedly thinks black Americans are less than full human beings?

It doesn’t make any sense because Omarosa is making the entire thing up.

Strike 3

The third strike against Omarosa is the nature of her leaving the White House. If you remember, it was claimed by a White House source that Omarosa left the White House because she disagreed with the President’s support of Roy Moore, the failed Senate candidate in Alabama who was felled by sexual harassment allegations. (RELATED: Omarosa Claims To Be Leaving White House Because of Roy Moore But Sources Question the Story.) We know that was wrong because Omarosa herself leaked a recording of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly firing her.

Now, think about this for a second. Up until this point, if Omarosa wanted to lend credibility to her story, she could have claimed to have left the White House because she was sick of Trump’s racist ways. But we now know she was fired. That completely undermines her entire charade of play-acting like a conscientious objector to the Trump Administration.

Omarosa’s story is full of more holes than Swiss cheese. She can’t be trusted.

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