Isn’t it funny when big news breaks from someone just before the launch of their book?

Disgraced former White House official Omarosa Manigault-Newman just dropped a bombshell accusation about President Trump as a precursor to the release of her new book, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House.” Omarosa is marketing her book as a tell-all tale about her days in the White House. In recent weeks, she’s been hitting the TV interview circuit, dishing out a lot of dirt on Trump. Not long after she left the White House, she appeared on the reality TV show “Big Brother,” and told contestants that Trump couldn’t be trusted as president. (RELATED: Former White House Staffer Omarosa to Trash Trump Administration on Big Brother.)

Now Omarosa has an even bigger revelation about Trump, one that could seriously tank his reelection bid. According to her book, Trump is an inveterate racist who casually and constantly uses the “n-word.” Omarosa even claims there are recordings of Trump using the vile word.

Let’s be perfectly honest: Would it surprise anyone if a 72-year-old white man used racial slurs in private among friends? I don’t think so. That doesn’t make it right. It’s just the reality of age.

There are a few things wrong with Omarosa’s story, however, from the get-go. First, Omarosa claims there are recordings, yet she has no evidence to back it up. The thing with recorded evidence is: you either have it or you don’t. And you look terrible when you don’t.

And since we’re talking recordings, let’s talk about the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape where Trump jokes with Billy Bush about using his wealth to essentially force himself on women. (RELATED: Bannon: Christie Lost Cabinet Spot Because He Didn’t Defend Trump’s Access Hollywood Comments.)

Without excusing the nature of Trump’s comments, let’s remember how the tape was put out there. The recording as supposedly owned by NBC and to this very day, nobody knows who actually leaked it. The footage was released on the eve of the second presidential debate. And let’s be perfectly clear: it was released to harm Trump’s electoral chances.

Trump’s comments on that tape were scandalous enough. If there truly did exist a recording of Trump dropping the “n-word,” Hulk Hogan-style, how would we have not seen it by now? After years of being maligned in the press, surely an enterprising reporter would have dug up the recording by now.

The whole thing sounds like a dirty rumor passed around by gossips.

In reality, we know that Omarosa has a vendetta against Trump since she was unceremoniously let go from her role at the White House for abusing her authority. (RELATED: Omarosa Was Fired For Using Presidential Motorcade As Personal Car Service.)

Until I see an actual recording or evidence of its existence, I’m going to assume Omarosa is stirring up trouble to both get back at Trump and sell her own book. Case closed.