Ohio Woman’s Search For Her Birth Mom Has a Surprising End!


Ohioan La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark was raised in an adoptive family. With her parents support and encouragement, La-Sonya decided to look for her biological family. She didn’t need to look far.

A new Ohio law opened birth records for adult adoptees, allowing them to search for their biological parents without the expense of using a private entity or the hassle of a court order. With the backing of Ohio Right to Life, the bill was approved by the Republican legislature and signed by Governor John Kasich. The law didn’t go into effect for a year to allow biological parents who didn’t wish to be located to notify the state of their request. This gave Mitchell-Clark the opportunity to find her biological family.

When La-Sonya learned her birth mother’s name, she searched for her on Facebook and discovered they are co-workers.




La-Sonya called Francine Simmons and told her that she thought she was her daughter. She then discovered that she has three half sisters, one of them is also a co-worker at InfoCision.

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