Obama’s America: Feds Detain Conservative Filmmaker For Investigating The Government


Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe was detained by US Customs Agents at an airport in Nassau, Bahamas on Monday as he was traveling to Miami. Agents marked his passport with a “X” and told him he would be detained each time he enters U.S. Territory because he investigates the government.


The agents forbid O’Keefe from recording the event, but the filmmaker provided a transcript to the Daily Caller that he wrote right after the detention.

James: Well, each and every time I go back into the country you guys do this, and it’s because I’m a journalist and you don’t like my journalism, so let’s just get this over with, here’s my ticket with the X, just tell what room you want me in.

Customs: (Looking at computer for 15 seconds). It’s not because you’re a journalist. (Turns towards me). What type of journalism do you do? What do you think?

James: I do like 60 Minutes, hidden camera work, investigative, sort of like the guy who catches the predators on NBC Dateline you know?

Customs: But what specific type of journalism have you done investigating the federal government? What do you think?

James: Well, first ACORN was shut down because I posed as a pimp. What do you think?

Customs: Not the prostitution, the other one involving the federal government.What do you think?

James: You mean the Obamacare navigators, where many were fired counseling to commit fraud?

Customs: No not that one, what did you do involving the federal government at the borders? What do you think?

James: Well clearly you know which video that was. Why don’t you tell me? What do you think?

Customs: No, I need you to tell me.

James: That was the one where I legally waded into the Rio Grande dressed like Osama bin Laden and embarrassed the federal government. DHS secretary was grilled under oath. Are you telling me this is retaliation for that?

Customs: I’m telling you that each time you go through here, you will need to give an extra hour because we will do this each time. You have a prior criminal record and broke the law crossing into the United States unlawfully.

James: It wasn’t unlawful, I did nothing but wade back and forth. Millions of Mexicans cross and you don’t detain them for unlawful entry.

Customs: You broke the law!

James: I broke the law? I’m a journalist who is trying to expose something important. Deep down in your heart when you set the bureaucracy aside, you have admit it needed to be exposed.

Customs: Come with me.What do you think?

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H/T: The Daily Caller


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